Mediterranean Lemon (Vitamin C) Body Balm / Herbal Salve



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Anti-Aging, Acne Buster, Anti-Inflammatory, Balances Skin pH, Cellulite, Deep Hydration, Diabetic Skin, Elasticity, Improves Color/Pigment,​​ Helps Extract Black Heads, Fights Free Radicals, Lightens Freckles, Mood Lifter, Natural Insect Repellent, Scars, Slows Aging and DNA Degradation, Soothes/Tones, Varicose Veins 

Doesn’t it just sound incredible? Mediterranean. Lemon. Body Butter. And, that’s before we get to the part about it also having the wholesome goodness and healing properties of Lemon Essential Oil! But, let’s begin at the beginning. The Mediterranean climate is a grower's paradise. Researchers hold fast to the claim that Lemons actually originated in India, brought to Cartegena by the earliest Roman vessels. It was the Spaniards, however, those accomplished gardeners, who implemented a more widespread (medicinal as well as culinary) purpose for their favorite fruit. Today, the province of Murcia, in Southeast Spain, is the #1 exporter of Lemons, worldwide. 

These are not the lemons we use. 

Our Lemons come from an ecological farm (without pesticides), near the beach at Calada, Portugal. It is here where our Mediterranean Lemons are cold-pressed, blending the oil and nutrients from peel shavings and pulp into a base of something your skin will wonder how it ever lived without! Can’t you just smell it? The soft, light yellow, creamy Body Butter readily melts on contact and quickly absorbs into your skin; and, you’re going to love its botanical properties.

Mediterranean Lemon Butter is full of Limonene, the Big Daddy of free radical scavenger fighters. Limonene gives your skin a full court press of “Fountain of Youth” effects, filling in lines and wrinkles, combating cellulite and varicose veins, improving scar tissues and radically strengthening circulation just below the skin (making it a boon in wound healing - especially for those suffering with diabetic foot pain and ulcers).

But back to anti-aging enthusiasts… you’ll fall in love with our Lemon Butter’s citric acid and Vitamin C content… protecting skin cells by replenishing the skin’s natural oxygen content. Our Lemon Body butter has astringent properties that reduce excess skin sebum, minimizing the look of large pores! And, its powerful antioxidants fight off acne-causing germs and boost collagen production, reducing the scarring caused by acne. 
Mediterranean Lemon Body Butter protects skin by fighting oxygen-stealing free radicals. These free radicals degenerate skin cells by stealing oxygen from them, causing the skin to become dull and lifeless and begin to wrinkle. Mediterranean Lemon Body Butter tightens, tones and lifts skin giving it a more youthful appearance; but, it doesn't stop there.  
Mediterranean Lemon Body Butter contains Mediterranean Lemon Peel Wax and Pulp which contains a high level of Bioflavonoids (polyphenols). Bioflavonoids have anti-cellulite, anti-inflammatory and many other protective skin benefits. The clean and refreshing scent of Mediterranean Lemon Body Butter is very similar to that of fresh squeezed lemons (making it ideal as an uplifting massage cream and mood lifter). The healing, toning, moisturizing effects of Mediterranean Lemon and Lemon Essential Oils, make our Mediterranean Lemon Body Butter a leading seller at high end cosmetic counters, spas and doctor's offices. 


Citric Acid - An alpha hydroxy acid, natural astringent, shrinks large pores and controls oily skin. Evens out skin discoloration and pigmentation. Exfoliates skin by sloughing off excess dead skin cells.

Vitamin C - Necessary for healthy, glowing skin. Protects skin cells from free radical damage. Slows down the aging process of skin.

Magnesium - Important mineral for supple skin. Slows skin's aging process. Protects skin from oxidative stress.

Calcium - Necessary for healthy skin. Relieves dry, itchy skin.


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