Body Balms


Body Balms are intensely beautiful, concentrated nutritionals for the skin (actually head-to-toe). "Liniments," the original term for herbal salves, debuted in popular culture in the early 1880's as doctors, snake oil salesmen, and various family members, self-dubbed "medicine folk," used various flora and fauna (among other things) to make everything from poultices to plasters to tinctures. In the old days, most of these experimental botanicals were based in alcohol (so people thought they helped whether they did or not). None of ours contain alcohol of any kind!

We've come a long way, baby...

Over the last 140+ years, much has been learned about what was started by these early pioneers. Today, apothecaries have made a strong comeback by introducing homeopathic and naturopathic balms and herbal salves that have made their way from folklore into our hearts (and medicine cabinets). 

Private Label Products is on the forefront of that movement. In fact, we love balms / herbal salves so much, we have over a hundred of them at last count. To fit them all onto the dropdown menu and to help educate clients about them, we've divided them into two groups: Classic Balms and Herbal Salves. All of our balms are concentrated so the tiniest bit goes a long way. If you've never tried Mother Nature's au naturale balms, it's definitely time!

(For Herbal Salves, please see Herbal Salve page, under Cosmedicals.)

    24 Carrot

    Acai & Pomegranate (Vitamin C)

    Algiers Cinderella Pumpkin

    Alpine Strawberries & Creme

    Arabian Jasmine

    Australian Hemp

    Black Goji Berry (Vitamin C)

    Bolivian Chia

    Brazilian Macadamia (Vitamin E)

    Cherry Mocha

    Chilean Rosehip

    Colombian Coffee (Classic Roast)

    Double Mint

    French Lavender aka Stress Relief

    German Blue Chamomile

    Golden Jojoba

    Green Tea

    Hawaiian Avocado (Vitamin E)

    Icelandic Oat

    Kalamata Olive (Vitamin E)

    Marula + Moringa + Maqui

    Mediterranean Lemon (Vitamin C)

    Molokai Kukui

    Moroccan Aloe

    Orange Zest (Vitamin C)

    Spanish Calendula

    Sweet Almond

    Tahitian Lime (Vitamin C)

    Wine (Resveratrol) / Grape Seed

    White Chocolate


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    Client Testimonials!

    - "The Lemon Balm has been the number 1 seller in our boutique two years running!" - L. Contora - Ranch Cucamonga, CA 

    - "If I could only carry one product in my shop it would be this one. It's fantastic for everything!" L. Contour - T. Inverness - Destin, FL

    - "We saw the American film My Big Fat Green Wedding where the mother said (no matter the problem), 'Put some windex on it.' This is that kind of product!" - S. McVale - Dublin, Ireland

    - "The only moisturizer my kids will let me put on them. And, the smell!!! Sublime!"- K. Tucker - Boston, MA

    TO ORDER CALL 478.475.0039

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