Introduction to Herbal Salves


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"Liniments," the original term for herbal salves, debuted in popular culture in the early 1880's as doctors, snake oil salesmen, and various family members, self-dubbed "medicine folk," used various flora and fauna (among other things) to make everything from poultices to plasters to tinctures. In the old days, most of these experimental botanicals were based in alcohol (so people thought they helped whether they did or not).

We've come a long way, baby...

Over the last 140+ years, much has been learned about what was started by these early pioneers. Today, apothecaries have made a strong comeback by introducing homeopathic and naturopathic balms and herbal salves that have made their way from folklore into our hearts (and medicine cabinets). 

Private Label Products is on the forefront of that movement. In fact, we love balms / herbal salves so much, we have over a hundred of them at last count and none contain alcohol (in case that's a deal breaker). To fit them all onto the dropdown menu and to help educate clients about them, we've divided them into three groups: Cosmedical, Classic, and Botanical. All of our balms are concentrated so the tiniest bit goes a long way. If you've never tried Mother Nature's au naturale ointments, maybe it's time.


Advanced (Brightening) Age Spot Corrector (with Kojic Acid)

Advanced Allergy, Cold & Sinus

Advanced Anti-Cramp

​Advanced Foot Repair

Advanced Anti-Fungal

Advanced Anti-Itch

Advanced Hand Repair

Advanced Head / Migraine Ease

Advanced Stress Relief

Advanced Wound Healing

After Sun / Restore / Repair aka Cucumber Extract

Apple Cider Vinegar

Baby's Butt

Bentonite Clay

Blue Green Algae

​Blushing Beet

Buttermilk + Goat Milk (see also Goat Milk + Buttermilk)

Cellulite aka Colombian Coffee

Cellulite 2 aka Green Colombian Coffee

Cherry Mocha

Cold Sore

Colombian Coffee aka Cellulite 

Colombian Coffee (Green) aka Cellulite 2​

Cucumber Extract



Diabetic Skin aka Mediterranean Lemon

Double Mint (Spearmint + Peppermint)


Eczema with Manuka Honey



​French Green Clay

​French Rose Clay

Goat Milk + Buttermilk (see also Buttermilk + Goat Milk)

​​Grapeseed (Wine / Resveratrol)


​Kaolin Clay

Kombucha + Green Tea

Maca Root

Magnesium + Vitamin D

Manuka Honey + Propolis + Royal Jelly

Marula + Moringa + Maqui

Marshmallow Root Extract

Matcha Green Tea

Mature Skin


Milk Thistle

Moroccan Mushroom (8 Mushroom Blend)

​Muscle Pain Relief

Neuropathy (Mediterranean Lemon)

Pain Relief






Sea Buckhorn

Sea Moss Clay

Silk Peptide

Sleepy Time with Melatonin + Valerian Root

Stretch Mark

Stress Relief aka French Lavender

Sunburn Relief


Superfood Greens + Spinach

Sweet Almond

Tattoo Aftercare (New Ink, Clove Pain Blend, Existing Ink)

Tea Tree (Tea Tree, Tea Tree & Lemon, Tea Tree & Peppermint)

Turmeric (Curcumin)

Varicose Vein

Vitamin C (aka Fruit Extract) - Choose From: Acai Pomegranate, Acerola Cherry, Alpine Strawberry, Apricot, Banana, Black Goji Berry, Catalina Cranberry, Elderberry, Fiji Coconut, Grapefruit, Grapeseed (Wine / Resveratrol), Mediterranean Lemon, Orange Zest, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Papaya, Tahitian Lime, Watermelon, Wild Blueberry

Vitamin E - Algiers Pumpkin, Brazilian  Macadamia, Hawaiian Avocado or Kalamata Olive


Wild Clary Sage

Wine / Resveratrol (Grapeseed)

Yogurt Probiotic







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