Introduction to Herbal Salves


"Liniments," the original term for herbal salves, debuted in popular culture in the early 1880's as doctors, snake oil salesmen, and various family members, self-dubbed "medicine folk," used various flora and fauna (among other things) to make everything from poultices to plasters to tinctures. In the old days, most of these experimental botanicals were based in alcohol (so people thought they helped whether they did or not). None of ours contain alcohol of any kind!

Body Balms are intensely beautiful, concentrated nutritionals for the skin (actually head-to-toe).

We've come a long way, baby...

Over the last 140+ years, much has been learned about what was started by these early pioneers. Today, apothecaries have made a strong comeback by introducing homeopathic and naturopathic balms and herbal salves that have made their way from folklore into our hearts (and medicine cabinets). 

Private Label Products is on the forefront of that movement. In fact, we love balms / herbal salves so much, we have over a hundred of them at last count. To fit them all onto the dropdown menu and to help educate clients about them, we've divided them into two groups: Classic Balms and Herbal Salves. All of our balms are concentrated so the tiniest bit goes a long way. If you've never tried Mother Nature's au naturale balms, it's definitely time!

(For Body Balms, please see Body Balms page under Bath & Body.)

    Adrenal Support (Coming Soon)

    Advanced Allergy, Cold & Sinus

    Advanced Anti - Cramp

    Advanced Anti - Fungal

    Advanced Anti - Itch

    Advanced Brightening (with Kojic Acid)

    Advanced Hand & Foot Repair

    Advanced Head / Migraine Ease

    Advanced Stress Relief

    After Sun Restore / Repair Soother

    Age Spot Corrector

    Age Spot Corrector (with Kojic Acid and GLA)

    Anti - Chafing

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Aztec Arnica

    Baby's Butt & Body (Diaper Rash & Cradle Cap)


    Beet Root

    Blue Green Algae

    Blue Tansy

    Bruise Diminisher

    Bug Bite

    Burn / Wound


    Cellulite 1 (aka Colombian Coffee)

    Cellulite 2 (aka Mediterranean Lemon)


    Cherry Mocha

    Cold Sore


    Colombian Coffee


    Cucumber Extract


    Desert Cactus (aka Prickly Pear)

    Diabetic Skin (aka Mediterranean Lemon)

    Eczema with Honey (Always Unscented)

    Elderberry (aka Immunity)

    Foot Repair


    French Lavender aka Stress Relief

    Goat Milk

    Healing Herbal Helichrysum

    Hives / Rash

    Hormone Support / Hot Flash


    Hot Flash / Hormone Support

    Hyaluronic Acid (HLA)

    Immunity (aka Elderberry)

    Jock Odor Itch / Odor

    Kaolin Clay Kombucha + Green Tea

    Magnesium + Vitamin D

    Manuka Honey + Propolis + Royal Jelly

    Marula + Moringa + Maqui

    Marshmallow Root

    Matcha Green Tea

    Mature Skin

    Medicated (Coming Soon)

    Milk Thistle

    Moroccan Mushroom (8 Mushroom Blend)



    Neuropathy (aka Mediterranean Lemon)


    Pain Relief (General Pain Blend)

    Pain Relief (Muscle Blend)


    Prickly Pear (aka Desert Cactus)


    Psoriasis (Always Unscented)

    Rash / Hives (Always Unscented)

    Rosacea (Always Unscented)


    Sea Buckthorn

    Sea Moss Clay

    Silk Peptide

    Sleepy Time with Melatonin + Valerian Root

    Stem Cell Extract

    Stretch Mark & Scar

    Stress Relief aka French Lavender

    Sunburn Relief

    Superfood Greens + Spinach


    Tattoo Care (New Ink, Clove, Pain Blend, Existing Ink)

    Tea Tree (Tea Tree, Tea Tree & Lemon, Tea Tree & Peppermint)

    Tulsi (Holy Berry)

    Turmeric (Curcumin)

    Turmeric, Ginger, & Manuka Honey

    Varicose Vein 1 (aka Colombian Coffee)

    Varicose Vein 2 (aka Mediterranean Lemon)

    Vitamin C (aka Fruit Extract) – Choose from: Acai Pomegranate, Acerola Cherry, Alpine Strawberry, Apricot, Banana, Black Goji Berry, Catalina Cranberry, Elderberry, Fiji Coconut, Grapefruit, Island Guava, Mango Madness, Mediterranean Lemon, Mountain Black

    Vitamin E – Choose From: Algiers Pumpkin, Brazilian Macadamia, Hawaiian Avocado or Kalamata Olive

    VJ (Always Unscented)

    VJ (with Honey)

    Wild Clary Sage


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    Client Testimonials!

    - "When I saw this page I got so excited. Having grown up with Hippie parents, I knew all about salves. For years I've looked for just a couple of good ones. You have more than anyone I have ever seen. Thank you for rocking my Naturopathic Shop!" - D. Montego - Nassau, Bahamas

    - "I knew about your Lemon Balm from your Balm page. Then I decided to try the salves. I can't pick a favorite (haven't tried them all), but so far the Neuropathy and Allergy, Cold & Sinus are my biggest sellers year round... oh, I forgot about summer... with the After Sun Cucumber Soother!" - E. Davenport - Charleston, SC

    - "As an esthetician near the Grand Canyon (can you say 'uber dry skin?' I am always looking for holistic remedies. I could support my skincare business on this page alone. Thank you!" - Vegas, Baby!

    - "I don't know how you make the Vitamin C and Vitamin E ones, but I can't keep them in stock. My best sellers are the Lemon & Orange (Vit C), Avocado & Olive (Vit E). Keep up the amazing work! - C. Edwards - San Diego, CA

    - "I like to specialize in unique blends and have had years of success with the Hot Flash, Head Ease, and Immunity Blends (no brainer). Then I tried the Chamomile, Pain Blend, and Neuropathy Salves. I'm over the moon and my clients are already preordering!" - G. Gabriel - Atlanta, GA

    - "I love to put these in my monthly subscription boxes. The Stress Relief, Allergy, Cold & Sinus, and Pain Blends are huge. Can't wait to add the Bug Bite and a few more..." - K. Rawlins - Springfield, IL

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