Body Soufflés (Whipped)


"There's a reason they call it 'Heaven In a Jar!" - A. Brinkley - Dallas, TX
private label products body souffle

Being married to a product formulator definitely has its perks! Take our Face & Body Soufflés (you can thank me later). There are whipped butters and then there are whipped soufflés! Doesn't it just sound delectable?

It started simply, our first 
soufflé... but, WOW! Our customers couldn't get enough of our Fusion Faire Skincare. Fusion Faire is our in-house term for these incredibly rich concoctions that pull together plant-based extracts from remote places... ingredients that are amazing all on their own, but together... are nothing short of Skin Bliss!

private label products body souffleOur first offering was our #1 selling Vanilla Papaya Body Soufflé. For this, we enlisted our favorite extracts from places akin to Kuala Lumpur, Fiji, Santiago, Mozambique, and Tibet. What transpired, then, was the stuff of fantasy and legend... a body butter too dreamy to be called a butter at all; plus, the ingredients did other, spectacular, undeniable things: extracts of banana, wild orange, papaya, green tea, chamomile, and so much more.

When asked to describe its natural aroma (no fragrance added), we heard things like "Vanilla Creamsicle" over and over. I have even had customers call me (one phoned at 11pm, I kid you not) when they ran out and told me it was a
 "soufflé emergency!"

private label products body souffleWe think, no, we know you'll agree! Soufflés are skincare supreme. (And, this is just the Vanilla Papaya one)! Now, we've entered the African Rainforest and formulated a White Chocolate Truffle one... a Mint Chocolate one with ARNICA for light pain... and, not to be outdone, an Orange Cocoa which some lovingly refer to as Chocolate Creamsicle.

When asked which of the souffles is my favorite, I can't decide. Gratefully, I don't have to. They are all "heaven in a jar."

FUSION FAIRE... for the skin... and the soul!

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