Scents (A - Z)



1 Million (Paco Rabanne) Type: You will love our version of this sexy, popular blend. Not too heavy… this scent is not your father’s fragrance oil. "1 Million” actually expresses the softer side of the Alpha Male. A surprising opening of Oro Blanco Grapefruit, Blood Mandarin, and Arctic Peppermint lead to a heart of Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Black Musk, Cinnamon Bark, and Blond Leather. Bottom notes cascade rapidly, showcasing a smooth finish of Tonka Bean, Indian Patchouli, White Woods, and Amber Ketal. (You’re welcome, ladies!) Can be “light” in some products

8th & Ocean: Named after the infamous corner of 8th & Ocean, in beautiful Miami, this scent transports you straight to the epicenter of South Beach at first light. Opening notes of sweet, Orange Honeydew, Mediterranean Lemon and Lime Zests, and a nuance of freshly cut grass blend seamlessly with Wild Jasmine, Ocean Breeze Violet, a sprig of Sea Lavender, and sweet, Exotic Woods (Jatoba and Tigerwood).

24 Carrot aka Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Icing: This may sound like a Fall / Christmas scent, but it’s a best seller year round… especially in our 24 Carrot Line! Buttery Spice blends with Nectarine Peaches, Fiji Coconuts, Cherries, Carrot Zest, Cinnamon Sugar, Warm Vanilla, Cake Batter, and Cream Cheese!



A Night in Paris: Paris. Just the name evokes fantasies, doesn’t it? I’ve stood by the Seine, walked past its bridges, shopped the Champs Elysees. When I came home, I had tons of photo memories of the City of Love… and one distinct memory of its scent. The fragrance that is Paris. At night. The almost-musky, almost-floral blend that keeps the city’s secrets… French Jasmine, Algerian Clementine, Red Cabernet Musk, Water Lily, Irish Mist Dewberry, and damp Patchouli Leaf… that’s all the detail I need to provide… while you ponder a fantasy of your own. 

A Thousand Wishes (B&BW) Type aka Pink Champagne: Savor the aroma of bubbly, Iced Champagne, Golden Quince, and Almond Creme flirting, shamelessly, with notes of White Linen and Peony, Vetiver and Baltic Amber, Sugared Sandalwood, and Velvet Musk. It’s our rather impressive version of one of B&BW’s best selling claims to fame. You’ll love it!

After the Rain: Capturing the essence of authentic rain is not for the faint of heart… particularly, if you’re a pluviophile (someone who loves rain). Since I’m the queen of rain lovers, this scent had to be on the money. If you’re nodding while reading this, and rain brings you a sense of peace, you’ll love our scented storm. Top notes of Navel Orange Slices, London Fog, and steamy pavement thunder over Roving Violet, Pink Peony, Lilies, and Jasmine, Mississippi Magnolia, Blood Orange, Eucalyptus, and Cedarwood… Tin Roof optional.

Agave Lime: Okay, I’m about to bear all. Of the nearly 1000 scents we offer this one, is my all-time, #1 fave (and has been for all the years we’ve made products). Yes, other lovelies pass under my nose and get anything from a Julia Roberts’ smile to a fat thumbs up, but Agave Lime is my literal jam. That said, you need to know that it’s a light scent, a little fragile, and wholly unforgettable. It’s not strong enough for every product we offer, but in things like Shea Butter, Sugar Scrub, Body Lotions, and Bath Bombs… it’s the bomb diggity. It’s a shimmery citrus concoction that includes essential oils of Sweet Orange, Mediterranean Lemon, and frolicky Lime. All of these infuse a refreshing Liquid Ozone that balances a tinge of Tropical Flora, exotic Agave Greens, Clear Musk, and Soft Sandalwood. Divine!

Allergy, Cold, & Sinus Blend: Tis the sneezin’! If you live in the pollen capital of the world (which we do), you learn two things really quickly. Buy a yellow car (so you don’t have to wash it as often) and scent everything with Allergy, Cold, & Sinus! And, I do mean EVERYTHING! From our Advanced Allergy, Cold, & Sinus Balm and Herbal Salve, to Bar Soaps and Body Lotion, to Massage Oil and Massage Candles, no bath and body line is complete without a complete dousing of this absolute must! Our clean version of Vicks Vapor Rub contains the 3 Musketeers of sniffle season; Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Mint. What more could you ask for? Gesundheit!

Almond Creme (original Jergen’s Lotion Cherry Almond) Type aka Cherry Almond: Intense, Kashmiri Almonds anchors a fusion of rich, sweet, Italian Creme and Sweetheart Cherries. If you’re old (and blessed) enough to remember the original Jergen’s Lotion Cherry Almond scent, you know the cherished memories this blend can conjure. Close your eyes. It’s yesteryear at Grandma’s. 

Almost Paradise aka Peaches and Creme: If you’ve ever spent a summer day in the Deep South, you know that Peaches and Creme has a dozen or more meanings… and each one of them is bliss. In this instance, it’s the aroma of Sweet, Coconut Milk playing well, together, with Middle Georgia Peaches and Whipped Chantilly Cream. It very much reminds me of Homemade Peach Ice Cream, chilling in Rock Salt, after a Saturday afternoon revival at Church Camp. Can I get an “amen?” 

Alpine Cheer (B&BW) Type: Fall and Christmas are my favorite times of year. This is one of the reasons Christmas, in July, deserves more recognition than a month of fake snow, Hallmark movies. Enter Alpine Cheer! This Bath & Body Yuletide faire is popular with every age group. During Covid, it was even a popular mask refresher spray. Who knew? Kick off the season with the crisp, winter scent of Blue Ridge Mountain Balsam, Snow White Cranberries, the bark from Himalayan Cedarwood, Cinnamon Sticks, and Guava Clove… all sprinkled over wet Cedar Leaves, Sweet Patchouli, Soft Musk, and Vanilla Sugar. It’s always Fall, Y’all!

Amaretto aka Black Cherry: This blend reminds me of my Mema; so, forgive this trip down memory lane. In the good old days, my sweet grandmother made Black Cherry Jello (on the stove… real jello), daily, and filled up small, drinking glasses and put them in a row in the refrigerator door. Everyday, I’d come home from school and eat at least 3 of them. I loved the way they smelled and jiggled and tasted. This oil is all of that and more. Did you know that Amaretto is actually sweetened with Sugared Almond? The liquid, itself, is made from the pits of Apricots and Almonds. All of that is detectable in this amazing rendition… along with Fuji Apple slices, Orange Blossoms, Tonka Bean, and French Vanilla. I sure miss Mema!

Amber Blush (B&BW) Type: This scent truly surprised me. It’s often described as a Floral - Fruity - Gourmand fragrance. Romantics, everywhere, fell in love with its top notes of Black Raspberry, Pink Champagne, Mandarin, and Bergamot; middle notes of Apricot, White Gardenia, Star Anise, Mississippi Magnolia, and Jasmine; and, base notes of Crystal Amber, Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, and Soft Suede. Sounds like date night to me!

Amber Romance (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Amber Romance is a super sensual mix of Tropical Cherry and Creme Anglaise (Vanilla Custard) layered over a base of earthy, Indigo Sandalwood, Black Amber, and Raw Vanilla. A Soothing Aloe Vera and German Chamomile base temper these heavy hitters into a smoldering flirtation.

Angel (Thierry Mugler) Type: If you have a less than stellar love life, this tip is for you. WEAR THIS! I was introduced to the complex, aromatic artistry of Thierry Mugler by none other than Paula Deen, herself. Angel is her favorite fragrance; and, for good reason! The scent opens with bright, mouthwatering tropical fruits (Lemon, Coconut, Red Raspberry, Honeydew Melon, White Peach, Passion Fruit, Italian Bergamot, and Black Currant). Before that clears you dive, headfirst, into Pink Cotton Candy, Poet’s Jasmine, Raw Honey, Apricot Bliss, Blackberry, Plum, Wild Orchid, Cassia, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Rose. And, just as you identify those, comes the superb finish! Dark, Mexican Chocolate, Melted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean, Golden Amber, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, and Indian Patchouli. So, how does this help your love life? I researched just the scent effects of “Patchouli”; and, here is what I found: “Experts suggest that the raw, animalistic, earthiness of patchouli can elevate mood, relieve anxiety, balance emotions, and act as a natural pheromone to your paramour.” And, there you have it! 

Angel Wing (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Ahh, Vicki struck gold with this Generation Alpha fave (yes, there is such a thing as Generation Alpha. It’s right after Generation Z). A bouquet of powdery Citrus, Oriental Mimosa, Plumerian Rose, Night Blooming Jasmine, and Hawthorne Bark and Berries are enhanced by a heart of French Vanilla and Crystal Musk, all on a downy base of Himalayan Cedarwood, Sweet, Green Muguet, and Golden Egyptian Amber.   

Apple Cider aka Farmhouse Cider: I never met an apple I didn’t like. This beautiful Fall / Christmas / Winter delight is good for the soul. Made spectacular with a warm blend of Cinnamon Sugar, Nutmeg, Orange Clove, Mandarin Zest, Lemon Peel, Tart Lychee, Coumarin, and Oak, this blend will expect you to walk among colorful, fallen leaves and sit before kindled fires.

Apple Cinnamon Icing: For years we’ve carried the scent Cinnamon Apple. We still do. It has a cult following in the Fall. Then, we decided to up our game. Enter icing. Delicious icing. Homemade icing… with Sugared, Red Apple and Buttery Cinnamon. Need I say more?

Apricot Chamomile: I think of this scent as “precious.” It’s crystal clean… Pleases both sexes… Checks off all boxes. It’s equal parts sparkly citrus, herbal, floral, and spa. I’m yet to hear of anyone who doesn’t love this blend. Autumn Glo Apricots, powdery Blue Chamomile, Beach Daisies, and bright Mandarin bring a crinkle to every nose and smile to every face. This is the second oldest scent we carry. It’s been around for a long time. I think that says everything you need to know.

Aqua di Gio (Armani) Type: If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying this unbelievably manly scent, it’s described as a brooding, sexy, aquatic blend of Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Neroli (Orange Blossom), and juicy Tangerine; flowing into middle notes of Tuscan Rosemary, Jasmine, and Japanese Persimmon; all sitting on a virile, woodsy base of Patchouli Essential Oil. One of our fun customers refers to this scent as her “just want to jump my husband scent.” Can be “light” in some products

Arctic Peppermint aka Candy Cane: Peppermint. There’s no substitute. This sparkling clean, refreshing scent is a classic blend of Icy Peppermint and a tiny sprinkle of Warm Vanilla. It reminds me of homemade, snow ice cream (if you know, you know)… just a little on the minty side.

Asian Plum: A deep blend of Mirabella Plum, Vanda Orchid, Rainforest Musk, Jasmine, Dark Vanilla, Mediterranean Oud, and a drop of Colombian Coffee (freshly brewed) beckon you to the Orient… by train. Largely a dry scent, there is sweetness… as there are hints of Gourmand… but when you pull it away, you linger over the layering of rich fruit and wood, resins and caffeine. All aboard!

Autumn Amour aka Picnic in the Park (Donna Karan) Type: Once upon a time, there was a trio of plump Manila Mangoes, Fiji Coconut, and Alpine Strawberries. They invited over a couple of sweet Bing Cherries and the rest, as they say, is history. While we enjoy this fragrance just as much in the Spring, I named it Autumn Amour because it reminded me of falling in love, with the high school quarterback after Friday Night Football, on a school hayride. Here’s to living happily ever after… (I really am married to my high school sweetheart.)

Autumn Nights (B&BW) Type: If Halloween had an official scent, this would be it. No ghosts. No goblins. No broomsticks. Just delicious Ground Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Sweet Clove, minced over a Brown Sugar-Basted Green Apple, smoldering over Honied Cardamom, Roasted Chestnuts, Cedar Leaves, Sambuca, and Sandalwood. No tricks. All treat.

Aventus (Creed) Type: In general, Creed Aventus smells like a dry, musky, fruity, smoky scent. It definitely represents the masterpiece that is artisan perfumery. Once you open the blend, there’s no going back — poets would say that it permeates all of your senses with a longing of more… but more what? Everything… Bergamot, Black Currant, Apple Custard, Pineapple, Woodland Berries, Silver Birch, Patchouli, Jasmine, Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris, and African Vanilla. Just, yes!

Avobath (B&BW) Type aka Bergamot Lemongrass: I wish there was an appropriate word to describe the emoji in my head for the rarest occasions when perfection exists. This would be one of them. Italian Bergamot. Sweet Lemongrass. Florida Hass Avocado. Light Musk. It’s a hometeam home run; and, there’s not a bad seat in the house!

Avocado Sea Salt: Salty, Marine Notes blend with Bright Grapefruit, Soft White Rose, and Creamy Avocado to create this wonderful spa accord.



Baccarat Rouge 540 (Francis Kukdjian) Type: Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is an Amber Floral fragrance for women AND men. Unisex scents can be fun to replicate when you have to please everyone! We believe this scent does that, with top notes of Saffron (dark leather with a hint of honey) and Jasmine, a heart of Amberwood (Juicy Berries, Citrus, and Spices, accentuating Gala Apple, White Peppercorn, English Lavender, and Cardamom, leading to rich, powdered Woods (Orris and Cedar), and Ambergris (Sweet Tobacco- and Sandalwood-Like), on a memorable base of earthy Fir Resin. Men love it because men and women love it. Women love it because, well, get some and see.

Bamboo Teak (Archipelago) Type: I have learned, if I want to sell a particular scent, to retire it. It trips some cloaked, universal lever, somewhere, because every time I try, I get an order for it… THAT day. It’s some kind of crazy, fragrance karma, boomerang, knee-jerk kind of thing. Take Bamboo Teak. I think it came over on the Mayflower (I really do). There are stretches of time that it gets completely overlooked; but (and I have witnesses), every time I go to catalog it as “retired” or “out of stock”, the orders roll in… Like insider trading secrets. Why the hype? What does it smell like? Bamboo. And Teak. That’s it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful, sultry even, unapologetic, and genuinely memorable or I wouldn’t carry it. Come to think of it, I don’t believe in luck; but, just in case, I’m packing some on my next trip to Vegas… because the truth is out there.

Banana Daiquiri: Don’t judge a scent by how many lines of copy describe it. In this case… less is more. There are ripe, Sugar- and Vanilla-Braised Bananas (think Banana’s Foster), hanging out with Decadent, Creamy Coconut, Chilled Pineapple, and a bowl of Ambrosia (Fuji Apples, Date Nuts, Tarocco Oranges, Georgia Peaches, Dark Cherries, and Whipped Marshmallows). We don’t monkey around!

Banana’s Foster: Never write a scent description for your favorite desert while on a diet! Ahh, the agony and ecstasy of Sliced Bananas, bubbling over heat with Brown Sugar and freshly-churned butter. A chef named, Vito, then adds a jigger of Banana Liqueur, flame throws… and VIOLA! The dessert that’ll make you slap your grandma! Yes, I went there. Forgive me, I’m hungry.

Be Enchanted (B&BW) Type: This beautiful, fruity floral opens with Ripe Pomegranate, Red Berries, Sparkling Citruses, and Passionfruit… that leads to a heart of Blackberry, Pear, Moonlit Violet, and Wild Honeysuckle… anchored in base notes of Vanilla, Musk, and Soft Sandalwood.

Beach Breeze (B&BW) Type: I never met a Cabana boy I didn’t like. Actually I’ve never met a Cabana boy, but it made you giggle didn’t it? So will Beach Breeze. Toes in the sand, warm, topical sun, surf, Sweet Orange Flowers, and Lemony Citrus are cut with clean undertones from Baby Lavender and Powder Musk. 

Beautiful (Dior) Type: Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and that's exactly what this rich blend does! Delicate Teacup Roses and Tuberose top notes are brightened with middle notes of Orange Blossom and Indian Jasmine, playing coy over warm, base notes of Green Amber, Sacred Sandalwood and Mysterious Vetiver. You Go Girl!

Beautiful Day (B&BW) Type: As a rite of passage, this delicate blend passed down from woman to woman and circled the globe. If you love light, powdery florals, this is for you. With an opening medley of just cored, Honeycrisp Apples, sweet Freestone Peaches, and icy Bosc Pears juiced over a soft heart of Star Jasmine and Stargazer Lily… A base of Virgin Musk and White, Weathered Woods ground everything down to a near whisper. This blend is very light. There’s an audience for that. Can be “light” in some products.

Bedtime Baby aka Lavender Powder: This scent is so beloved, by all ages, that we offer it for the “littles” known as Bedtime Baby and to adults as Lavender Powder. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t some happenstance mixture of only Lavender and Powder notes. In fact, the powder element is light, innocent, almost ethereal. It serves only as a satin finish. The rest of the accord is a thoughtful blend of Sweet, Balsamic, Heliotrope, Moonlit Violet, and Blue Chamomile rippling over Jasmine, Apple Rose, and a whisper of Musk.

Bedtime Bath Lavender & Chamomile (J&J) Type: Oh baby!  Giggle me softly with a soothing blend of French Lavender, German Chamomile, Italian Bergamot, Dahlias, and Summer Daisies. The finish is smooth and clean with a dash of Powder and Clear Musk. Adults love it, too!

Bermuda Triangle: Get lost, in a good way, with our energizing blend of Sweet Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Watermelon added to shimmery, top notes of Mandarin, Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, McIntosh Apple, and Tahitian Lime. Bottom notes of Pineapple and Violet round out the tropical vibe from destination bliss.

Berrylicious (Yankee Candle) Type: Who doesn’t know and love this scent (and not just in Fall / Christmas-time). Drops of Ripe, Sweet Citrus permeate a cascade of Wild, Mountain Blueberries, Green Leaves, and Golden Apple Slices on a dry down of Vanilla Icing and Musk. If you thought it smelled good in a candle, just you wait!

Birthday Cake: I now understand the global expression, “Let them eat cake.” A fruity bouquet of Coconut Shavings and Sugared Berries flirt, subtly, with middle notes of Pink Hawthorn and Melted Butter. A base of Sweet Caramel and Creamy Vanilla finish off the base of this “baked” bliss. For the record, this does not smell like a stuffy, bakery version of Birthday Cake. This smells like a Byrice Goings, Fifth Sunday Rally, Dinner-on-the-Ground, Church Lady, Vanilla Pound Cake. That may not impress you, but you should know… I have it on good authority that Mrs. Byrice now runs “the” bakery in heaven. I’m thinking that makes for a pretty impressive resume! Can be “light” in some products.

Bite Me aka French Kiss: The scent “Bite Me” is fairly well known (and popular) among bath and body manufacturers and customers. The issue, with me, is the name. So, I sat with the adorable scent for a bit and thought our name fit much better. French Kiss is Sugar-Dipped Lemons and Limes, puckered up to Effervescent Oranges leading to a Sweet-16 blend of Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Cherries. Playful, Green Accents add intensity to a base of soft Violet, Tiger Lily, Eucalyptus, and Rich Vanilla Bean. You know what they say, “While in France…” et. al. 

Black Cherry aka Amaretto: This blend reminds me of my Mema; so, forgive this trip down memory lane. In the good old days, my sweet grandmother made Black Cherry Jello (on the stove… real jello), daily, and filled up small, drinking glasses and put them in a row in the refrigerator door. Everyday, I’d come home from school and eat at least 3 of them. I loved the way they smelled and jiggled and tasted. This oil is all of that and more. Did you know that Amaretto is actually sweetened with Sugared Almond? The liquid, itself, is made from the pits of Apricots and Almonds. All of that is detectable in this amazing rendition… along with Fuji Apple slices, Orange Blossoms, Tonka Bean, and French Vanilla. I sure miss Mema!

Black Cherry Merlot (B&BW) Type: Out of bottle, this blend isn’t so subtle. The intrigue happens when it meets products. Dark Cherries, Black Raspberries, Sweet Citrus, and Soft Musk ages, beautifully, with a Light, Floral, Italian Merlot. Can be “light” in some products.

Black Coconut (Yankee Candle) Type: Creamy Coconuts illuminate this exotic blend of Sun-Warmed Cedarwood, Star Anise, Tropical, Island Blossoms, and Coconut (Shavings and Milk). It’s a very tranquil, slightly sexy aroma. Can be “light” in some products.

Black Currant Vanilla (B&BW) Type: An alluring blend of succulent, juicy Black Currants lend a sensual complexity and balance to Herbal Sprigs of Soothing Lavender and Madagascar Vanilla.

Black Ice (Little Trees) Type: This is my favorite Little Tree scent because it always makes my car smell like Brad Pitt is nearby. I just believe this must be what he smells like. So, I make no apologies that I’ve turned a car freshener into an Alpha Male scent of Wild Lavender Husks and a pinch of Wildflowers into a sexy base of Aruba Sandalwood  and Egyptian Musk. It doesn’t get any better… unless, Brad Pitt is riding shotgun!

Black Midnight Sangria: Anything can happen at midnight. Hence the name for our sumptuous Black Grape, Brazilian Orange, Mountain Apple, and Hawaiian Pineapple blend drenched in Chilled, Red Wine. Carriage and glass slippers optional.

Black Opium (YSL) Type: This is a seductively intoxicating women’s fragrance with opening notes of Adrenaline-Rich, Colombian Coffee and Sweet, French vanilla that lay back into the softness of White Tiara Flowers for a young, modern, edgy scent.

Black Raspberry Vanilla (B&BW) Type: The darker the berry, the sweeter the fruit. There is a cult following for scent; and, I totally get it! Top notes of Iced Lemon, Black Raspberry, Summer Strawberry, Coconut, and Peach, swirl over middle notes of Cinderella Violet, Honeysuckle, and Japanese Plum. The base notes that hold it all together are White Musk, and Sweet Vanilla. Yum!

Black Tie: Sophisticated notes of black peppercorn and leather are carefully crafted with warm woods, patchouli, musk and citrus. 

Blackberry & Sugared Violets: I love this scent. Like, seriously, love this scent! It’s exactly as described with a little something extra thrown in. Sweet Blackberry Nectar and Ripe Plums meet a heart of Wild African violet and Jasmine… and they all live happily ever after in ribbons of Dusted Sugar and Vanilla Custard!

Blackberry Bordeaux: This is a sexy, little Bordeaux with a heady blend of Wild Blackberry, Cassis, Sweet, Dark Cherries, Vanilla Bourbon, and Colombian Coffee Bean! It’s definitely a Fall and Winter favorite!

Blackberry Bramble Tea (B&BW) Type: This Blackberry phenomenon takes berry picking up a serious notch. Mountain Blackberries, Autumn Apples, Asian Pears, Cranberries, Medjool Dates, Figs, and White Grapes mix perfectly with Sweet, Southern Tea and a pinch of Buttery, Cinnamon Sugar. This scent is definitely dressed to impress.

Blackberry Frankincense: Israel is my favorite place. While the scent of Frankincense always transports my mind to the very heart of the Old City, mixing Frankincense with Blackberries takes me to the tomb, on Resurrection Morning, when all is new and right with the world!

Blackberry Lavender (Camille Beckham) Type: Lavender is such a soothing, relaxant. You never quite know what amazing partnerships can be formulated until you try them. This was one of those 3-ingredient pairings that had everyone in the factory oohing and aahing. When you take a basketful of Wild Blackberries, fold in Madagascar Vanilla, and infuse them with French Lavender, you get something that makes entrepreneurs open day spas… the world over… and, for good reason.

Blackberry Magnolia: If the movie ‘Gone With the Wind” had a signature scent, this would be it. Tara Blackberries fiddle-de-dy with Sweet Apple Slices, Ripe Melon, and Agave Sugar Crystals… because, you should be fragranced; and, from someone who knows how!

Blonde Moment: Even brunettes love this one! An enchanting mix of Iced Raspberry and Catalina Cranberry makes this flirty, girly scent come alive. It’s bright and vibrant and flutter-lash adorable.

Blood Orange & Goji Berry: Splashes of freshly squeezed Blood Orange Juice and sweet Satsuma Orange Wedge… shaken, not stirred with Nectars of Ripe Goji Berry and Island Mango. This is two of my favorite superfoods living happily ever after!

Blood Orange aka Tuscan Orange: What happens when you mix Tangy, Blood Orange with Agave Floral Thyme? Perfection. Every product… Every time.

Blue Agave & Cacao (Jo Malone) Type: A soft, citrus melody of Persian Lime and White Grapefruit whisper over an enchanted center of Blue Agave Blossoms. This exquisite mix is then added to a base of Sensual Vetiver, Cinnamon, and the primitive rawness of Curacao Cacao. Light. Lovely! Can be “light” in some products.

Blue Cotton Candy aka Cotton Candy: I’m all about Grandparent’s Day at school… AND, the State Fair. Anywhere that has Blue Cotton Candy is always a great place to be. So, to please my sweet sniffer, we offer a yummy, melt-in-your-mouth, Spun-Sugar Candy laced with Super, Sweet Grapes, Strawberry Glaze, Caramelized Vanilla, and Berry base notes. It’ll tilt your world!

Blue Green Algae & Eucalyptus (Love, Beauty & Planet) Type: If the very mention of a Spa Day makes you swoon, make everyday a spa day with this refreshing duo of Tranquil Marine Notes and Eucalyptus brightened by Italian Bergamot, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Easter Lily, and Peach Nectar! Towel optional.

Blueberry: Remember, size is objective. This is equally true when writing up scent notes for something that is truly deserving! This scent, however, requires only this… Enjoy a just picked, Sweet, Juicy Blueberry! 

Blueberry Cheesecake: Sweet and ultra creamy, Blueberry Cheesecake captures the inviting aroma of your favorite dessert… Blueberries dusted with Buttery Sugar and Spice are layered onto Rich Cream Cheese and Sweet Graham Cracker Crumbles. 

Blueberry Cobbler: Comfort food in a scent! Top notes of Melted But, Vanilla, and Grandma’s, Hand-Pressed Graham Cracker Crust. Delightfully gourmand.

Blueberry Lavender (Hempz) Type: Breathe in and exhale. Time slows down as you close your eyes and let this scent release your mind from the day’s cares. Sparkling Blueberries, Iced Eucalyptus, and Sweet Orange and Pineapple Purees, drift onto an herbal bed of French Lavender, Pink Rose, Alluring Jasmine, and Calming Chamomile. The anchor is a Warm and Welcoming Vanilla.

Bombshell (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Bombshell is Victoria Secret’s top selling scent, and for good reason. The fruity-floral is a blend of citrus (Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, and Pink Grapefruit) cohabitate with Brazilian Purple Passion Fruit, Madagascan Vanilla Orchid, and Italian Pine. The result is an empowering, bold, uptown Manhattan masterpiece.

Bourbon Soaked Raisins: This scent is a celebration and my favorite diffuser blend dark, fruity accord (Blood Orange, Sweet Plums, and Golden Raisins) infused into a Spiced Bourbon and Rich Vanilla base. This is my favorite 

Bourbon Street (B&BW) Type: Bourbon Street is reminiscent of old school music clubs in N’awlins. The venue is darker and the music is smoking. Tonka Bean and Sacred Sandalwood embrace Black Rose and Buddha Wood… all combining into a deeply satisfying jazz session. Compare to Lush® brand The Voice of Reason.

Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane Sugar: If I had not already pledged my undying love to Sweet Tea, this would be my go-to. Sweet Citron Peel, Warm, Caramel Crème, Kona Coffee, Mocha Latte, Brazilian Sugar Cane, and a splash of Almond Milk make this blend everybody’s bright-eyed fave!

Brown Sugar: Decadent Almonds and Cinnamon cascade over Caramelized Brown Sugar and notes of Deep Madagascar Vanilla.

Brown Sugar & Fig (B&BW) Type: Romantic and luxurious, Brown Sugar and Fig is a big, warm embrace for your senses. Top notes of Mediterranean  Fig, Caramelized Sugar, and a touch of Sea Salt come up instantly, while Deep Brown Sugar makes up the heart of this fragrance. In the base, Dark Amber and Musk reinforce the richness of this enticing scent. What lingers is light and comforting. Can be “light” in some products.

Bubble Gum (Bazooka) Type: Savor mouthwatering, juicy notes of Sweet Orange, Jamaican Bay Banana, Alpine Strawberry, Wintergreen, and Warm, Spun Sugar.

Bum Bum (Brazilian) Type: This highly addictive and irresistible scent takes you to the sultry, southern beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Described as dangerously “bootylicious”, this decadent blend layers alluring Indian Pistachios with Salted Caramel on a warm base of Sacred Sandalwood and French Vanilla… with just a hint of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to deepen the aroma. Inspired by Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

Burberry Brit (Burberry Men) Type: Eurasian inspiration brings together bright Lemon Zest, White Ginger, Amber Wood, and Vanilla Musk into a warm, intoxicating base of Lebanon Cedarwood and Tonka Bean.

Burberry London Type For Women: A Tender, Floral opening of Bulgarian Rose and Wild Honeysuckle encapsulate a deep heart of Hawaiian Tiare Flower, Romantic Jasmine, and Blush Peony.

Butt Naked aka Monkey Farts: What does NAKED smell like? It’s the tropical, fresh aroma coming from the edge of a forbidden rainforest after a rolling thunder storm… ripe Bananas and White Grapefruit give way to Cool, Arctic Kiwi, Beach Strawberries, and Juicy Bubblegum, all resting on a down of Creamy Madagascar Vanilla. It’s chaste innocence in a world that's anything but…

Buttercream Icing: This scent makes my favorite soap. It also smells amazing in everything else. Enjoy a smooth, scrumptious layering of a Buttery, White Cake and Creamy Tahitian Vanilla…over and over… 



Cabernet & Neroli aka Napa Valley: A gorgeous, fruity Cabernet Sauvignon with top notes of Wild, Oregon Grape, Cherry and Alpine Strawberry… this delicious scent  finishes with middle notes of Fresh Apple Peel, Orange Blossom, and Mediterranean Plum all in a delicate Vanilla base.  

Cafe Mocha: If you like coffee, you will love Cafe Mocha… the perfect arrangement of Fresh Brewed Coffee and Creme, Chocolate Syrup, Creamy Tahitian Vanilla, and Fluffy Marshmallows.

Calabrian Bergamot & Violet: Experience an exquisite treasure from the romantic heart of Tuscany. An intoxicating, floral heart pairs sweet, Italian Bergamot and dewy, Moonlight Violet with middle notes of Sparkling Citron and iced, Anjou Pear… dancing over a delicate base of soft, Sacred Sandalwood, transporting you to a European oasis all your own. 

Caramel Sea Salt: Salted Caramel is a luscious, golden, buttery, indulgent confection of Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt, and Smooth Vanilla Caramel.

Caribbean Coconut: We love Coconut so much that we pair it with lots of things. With this particular beauty, we gave it a gourmand twist by adding Tahitian Vanilla and Creme! The result was smooth, tropical perfection for an extended beach stay!

Caribbean Smoothie: Turks and Caicos is known for its white beaches, diving treasures, and delectable umbrella drinks. This all-inclusive, best seller calls for Pink, Barbados Guavas, Juicy, Clementine Tangerines, and Sweet, Ripe Strawberries. Tan lines optional.

Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Icing aka 24 Carrot: This may sound like a Fall / Christmas scent, but it’s a best seller year round… especially in our 24 Carrot Line! Buttery Spice blends with Nectarine Peaches, Fiji Coconuts, Cherries, Carrot Zest, Cinnamon Sugar, Warm Vanilla, Cake Batter, and Cream Cheese!

Cashmere & Silk: Sense of smell knows a thing or two about the art of seduction. This deep bouquet of French Vanilla, Sweet Sandalwood, Soft Patchouli, and White Musk is accented with Arabian, Black Rose, Spanish Violet, Golden Kist Apricot, and Creamy Coconut Milk. It simply begs, “Stay!”

Cashmere & Snow aka Snow Angel (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Notes are Shimmery Vanilla, Cashmere Cream, Frosted Clementine, and Raspberry blush! 

Cashmere Creme (Philosophy) Type: Warm Cashmere Musk, Sweet Vanilla, and Soft Woods collide in this gorgeous femme fatale scent.

Cashmere Glow (B&BW) Type: Curl up by the fire in warm, cozy Rock the Casbah Cashmere highlighted by Madagascar Vanilla, Anjou Pears, Golden Peaches, Lily Petals, and soft White Musk. This is our version of the B&BW classic.

Champagne: This is the gold standard in bubbly effervescence. Chilled Sparkling Citrus, Sun-Ripened Peach, Bosc Pear, and Sweet Apple make everything worth celebrating! 

Champagne Pomegranate: All that sparkles is not gold. Actually, it’s Champagne… and Iced Pom! Consider the freshness of Sea Island Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon, and Sweet Orange blended with Juicy, Red Fruit and a jigger of Crushed Pomegranate. Green Foliage and Crisp Aldehydes reinforce the sparkling top note for a perfect fun, celebratory scent.

Champagne Toast (B&BW) Type: Our rendition of this lux scent is a soft, floral, fruity, gourmand. Pop the cork of Sparkling Champagne and Tantalizing Tangerine; sift in middle notes of Sweet Nectarine, Passionfruit, Black Currant, and Tropical Hibiscus; and, finish with delicious base notes of Caramelized Sugar, Dark Vanilla, Mirabelle Plum, and White Musk. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Cherry Almond aka Almond Creme (original Jergen’s Lotion Cherry Almond) Type: Intense, Kashmiri Almonds anchors a fusion of rich, sweet, Italian Creme and Sweetheart Cherries. If you’re old (and blessed) enough to remember the original Jergen’s Lotion Cherry Almond scent, you know the cherished memories this blend can conjure. Close your eyes. It’s yesteryear at Grandma’s. 

Cherry Magnolia aka Pistachio Magnolia (Dove) Type: For pure, southern pampering, enjoy delicate Pistachio Milk swirls around ribbons of Creamy Coconut, Magnolia Petals, and African Shea Butter.

Cherry Tobacco: You may think that this is a man’s scent and it is; BUT, every woman I know who has ever smelled it has fallen in love with it, too. Cherrywood, Black Raspberry, French Vanilla and Soft-Weathered Tobacco. Comfy. Cozy. Mmm. Mmm.

Chocolate: What can we say about Chocolate? A lot, actually. Pure, Smooth, Milk Chocolate highlighted with a dusting of Dark Cocoa Powder and a kiss of Creamy, French Vanilla… it’s better than a Dairy Queen run!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: I can still see myself, sitting at my grandmother’s feet, waiting for the old, green timer to go off so I could lick the bowl of her Saturday evening cookie bake! The incredible scent of her homemade cookies (without the calories) has tons of Sugar Sprinkles and Buttery Cake Dough, a combination of melted, Light and Dark Chocolate Morsels, and Smooth Vanilla. Tell me you don’t want some, right now!

Chocolate Lavender: When I first heard of this I was VERY skeptical. I couldn’t imagine two more opposite scents. However, we all know opposites attract! This pairing is utter delight. Maybe it’s because we threw a little Golden Amber and Jasmine into the mix. It’s equal parts decadence and relaxation.  

Christmas Sangria: Sangria (Cherries, Peaches, Pineapples, Strawberries) with a lovely holiday twist  of Juicy Blackberries and Sweet Rhubarb poured over a Bubbly, Vanilla Base. This one is good year round!

Christmas Splendor: This scent embodies everything you would expect to experience at Yuletide. An enchanting blend of Sliced Golden and Fuji Apples, English Oak, Balm of Gilead Balsam Fir, and Longleaf Pine bubble over a background of Cinnamon Sugar and Soft Clove. This will definitely get you off the Naughty List!

Christmas Tree: Herbal, Fresh Greens, Clove, Thyme, Rosemary, and Mint introduce a heart of Mediterranean Cypress, Balsam Fir, Eucalyptus, and Camphor, while the base of Labdanum, Oakmoss, Soft Patchouli, Deep Vanilla, and Caramelized Sugar ties it all together in a pretty Christmas bow! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Cinnaberries (B&BW) Type: Juicy Orange and Tangy Fruits accent the Warm-Spiced Berry signature of this scent. Clove and Cinnamon blend with Sugared Raspberry for holiday appeal as Warm, Gooey Vanilla creates lingering sweetness.

Cinnamon Apple: If you're looking for a wonderful blend of Cinnamon and Apples without the onslaught of bakery notes, our Cinnamon Apple scent is on tap! Twinkle your nose at our traditional aroma of Red, Juicy McIntosh Apples sprinkled, simply, with Fresh Ground Cinnamon Sticks and a dusting of Sugar. 

Cinnamon Apple Peach: Warm Apple Pie gets a dollop of Peach Cobbler Topping (we’re from Georgia). Yes, we did!

Cinnamon Irish Creme (B&BW) Type: This Creamy Liqueur blend adds a hint of Melted Butter and Spiced, Powdered Cinnamon to Sweet Orange Peels, Gooey Caramel, Tahitian Vanilla, and Coconut Shavings.

Cinnamon Roll with Vanilla Icing: In my opinion, Cinnamon Rolls could lead to world peace, but that’s just my opinion. It’s pure and simple. Cinnamon Rolls, fresh from the oven, drip with Homemade, Vanilla Frosting. Can be “light” in some products.

Cinnamon Sticks: Freshly Ground Cinnamon Bark flirts, unapologetically, with a touch of Fresh-Churned Butter and Brown Sugar.

Cinnanut Cafe: Coffee lovers unite! Rich tones of Colombian Perk balance Warm Cinnamon, Buttery, Roasted Brazil Nuts, and a glint of Maple Syrup. It reminds me of Fall morning at Vermont B&B.

Clove: This one is Pure, Warm, Fresh Ground Clove Buds.

Cocoa Butter & Cashmere (B&BW) Type: With top notes of Buttery, Light Spices, Cedarwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Kashmir Coconut, Jasmine, Olive Wood, Sandalwood, Golden Amber, Musk, and Cocoa Butter, this scent will become your new favorite.

Cool Water (Davidoff) Type: Our version of Davidoff’s brilliant blend consists of Dried Lavender, Jasmine Rain, Sacred Sandalwood, Moss, and Musk playing coyly with refreshing, middle notes of Mint, Coriander, Geranium, Neroli, and Rosemary, all on a anchored down of Cedarwood, Amber, and Soft Tobacco.

Cotton Candy aka Blue Cotton Candy: I’m all about the State Fair. Anywhere that has Blue Cotton Candy is always a great place to be. So, to please my sweet sniffer, we offer a yummy, Spun-Sugar Candy laced with Sun-Kissed Grapes, Strawberry Glaze, Caramelized Vanilla, and Very Berry base notes. It’ll tilt your world!

Country Apple (B&BW) Type: I fell in love with this master class scent when it was introduced by Bath & Body Works (long before I knew about icky fragrance chemicals). Today, we have it re-engineered with the absolute brilliance of Perfect Pineapple, Jasmine, and Tiger Lily; a strong heart mix of Red McIntosh Apples and Tart, Granny Smith Apples and a gorgeous base of Sweetened Vanilla Beans!

Cranberry Apple Marmalade: Top notes of Orange Peel and Apple sweeten the Cranberry heart, while notes of Cinnamon, Clove, and Sugar wrap all of the fruits together into a delectable aromatic treat.  

Cranberry Balsam (Pier 1) Type: Crimson Queen Cranberries, Black and Red Raspberries, Arctic Strawberries, Italian Bergamot and Greenery nuances wrap around a heart of Night Shade Violet, White Gardenia, Damask Rose, Fresh Balsam Fir Needles, and drops of Sweet Citrus, Nutmeg, and Jasmine. The entire, Christmas concoction rests on a soft down of Warm Vanilla Bean.

Cranberry Crush aka Cranberry Relish: This is an absolutely yummy, traditional Fall / Christmas / Winter scent. It reminds me of a second helping of Aunt Bette’s Cranberry Congealed Salad. With just the right amount of Sweet and Tart Cranberries, Bing Cherries, Juicy, Crushed Pineapples, and Candy Pecans, you’ll long for a carriage ride through fresh snow.

Cranberry Oak (Peak) Type: This is a beautiful, heady mixture of Red Raspberry, Black Currant, Lemon Zest, Golden Apple, Sweet Cranberry, and Orange Blossom settling, playfully, over a fresh, woodsy background of Oakwood, Cedar of Lebanon, a sprinkle of Cinnamon, Raw Vanilla, Warm Amber, and Algerian Ivy.

Cranberry Orange: A gorgeous blend of Catalina Cranberries and Sweet Oranges piggyback on a base of Cinnamon Sugar, Cardamom, Nutmeg, and Vanilla Clove.

Cranberry Relish aka Cranberry Crush: This is an absolutely yummy, traditional Fall / Christmas / Winter scent. It reminds me of a second helping of Aunt Bette’s Cranberry Congealed Salad. With just the right amount of Sweet and Tart Cranberries, Bing Cherries, Juicy, Crushed Pineapples, and Candy Pecans, you’ll long for a carriage ride through fresh snow.

Cranberry Rhubarb (Sweet): Anjou Pears, Georgia Peaches, and Catalina Cranberries slow dance with Black Currant Preserves, Grapefruit Zest, Strawberry Compote, and Rhubarb. Vanilla Sugar, Tonka Bean, and a Light Musk bring it all home.

Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla: Cinnamon mellows with the addition of a Sugared, Creamy Vanilla accord.  

Creamy Coconut (B&BW) Type: B&BW made Creamy Coconut. We made their version over-the-top! Warm, Decadent Vanilla shimmers with Sweet, Fiji Island Coconut. Coastal Perfection.

Cucumber Aloe: Fresh, Sliced Cucumbers marry Soft, Moroccan Aloe. Very Mediterranean Spa. Ahhh!

Cucumber Melon aka Cucumber Splash: We’re always raising the bar. Take our Cucumber Melon. We amped it up with Iced Bergamot, Sweet Cucumber, Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Aloe, and Pink Grapefruit; middle notes of Island Freesia, Ripe Melons, Paperwhite Blossoms, and Arabian Jasmine; and, a trifecta base of Teakwood, Sandalwood, and Oakmoss.

Cucumber Splash aka Cucumber Melon: We’re always raising the bar. Take our Cucumber Melon. We amped it up with Iced Bergamot, Sweet Cucumber, Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Aloe, and Pink Grapefruit; middle notes of Island Freesia, Ripe Melons, Paperwhite Blossoms, and Arabian Jasmine; and, a trifecta base of Teakwood, Sandalwood, and Oakmoss.

Curve (Elizabeth Arden) Type: Elizabeth Arden threw us a curve and we knocked it out of the park. Made for a man, but totally unisex, this refreshing, slightly spicy, Mandarin, Pineapple, Geranium, Lavender, and Amber scent warms with a blend of Fresh Greens, Ozone, Wind, White Pepper, and finishes with Oakmoss, Mahogany Woods, and Light Musk. This scent can be light in some formulas.



Dark Kiss (B&BW) Type: Our mysterious, B&BW dupe emerges from the romantic shadows in the form of Soft Patchouli, Sugary Vanilla, and Powdery Raspberry. Usually we don’t kiss and tell. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Dark Temptation (Axe) Type: My favorite Axe scent comes out to play in our ultra-sexy version of layered Armenian Chocolate and Sweet Vanilla Chocolate, Black and White Pepper, and Light and Dark Amber. It’s earthy, musky, and compelling.

Dead Sexy (Tokyo Milk) Type: Ethereal romance glimmers at daybreak with Deep Madagascar Vanilla, Exotic Words, White Orchid, Ebony Balsamic Woods, and Rum-Infused Figs, Apricots, and Pears. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Debs Flower Garden aka English Garden: Imagine trailing your fingers atop just-bloomed blossoms in an English Garden Countryside. Hyacinth, Green Leaves and Stems, Damask Rose, Pink and Purple Carnations, Gardenia, and Trailing Ivory are sprinkled with Water Droplets, Lime, and Cyclamen (known as the plant for lasting feelings and sincere affection).

Deviant: Incredibly unisex, this scent inspires passion. Confident, independent, and complex, this blend opens with Ambrosia Pomegranate, Sun-Ripened Peach, and Fuji Apple entwined in a swirl of Peony, Apricot Jasmine, and Scarlet Marigold, all marinating on a base of White Rum, Caramelized Vanilla, Tibetan Musk, Confectioner’s Marshmallow, and Woody Water Oak. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Dr. Pepper Type: A blend of Spicy Orange and Sweet Cherry wraps around Toasted, Coconut Almond, Clove and Cinnamon. It will have you singing, “I’m a Pepper, too!”

Dragon’s Blood: Not for the faint of heart, this sultry, spicy, floral, citrus blend mulls Blood Orange, Geranium, Rose, Lily, Orange Blossoms, and Star Anise, finishing with a strong, powdery Vanilla-Musk, Spicy Clove, and Patchouli dry-down.

Drakkar Noir (Laroche) Type: This is good enough to be somebody’s superpower. A memorable fougère with top notes of Italian Bergamot, Rosemary, and French Lavender; middle notes of Cardamom and Wild Geranium; and, a dry down of Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Fir Balsam. 

Dream Angel (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Uplifting, designer notes of White Lilies, Pink Jasmine, and Warm, Powdery Sandalwood charm the catwalk around the globe.



Egg Nog: Creamy Buttered Rum, Almond Cherry, Nutmeg, a pinch of Clove, Cinnamon, Buttercream, and Warm, Madagascar Vanilla ring in a holly, jolly, holiday season.

Elf Sweat: We can name any of your product scents “Elf Sweat.” This is a name we generally use for fun Kids’ or Christmas scents. Popular choices include Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Bean Noel, and other holiday faves. See other Kids’ Scent names such as Monster Snot, Pink Princess, Super Hero and more…

Enchanted Apple (Victoriaa Secret) Type: Notwithstanding Sleeping Beauty’s bad apple karma, this lovely blend of Tart, Crisp, North Georgia Apples, Fresh-Churned Butter, and Creamy, Sweet Vanilla is the stuff of fairytales that won’t put anyone to sleep. 

English Garden aka Debs Flower Garden: Imagine trailing your fingers atop just-bloomed blossoms in an English Garden Countryside. Hyacinth, Green Leaves and Stems, Damask Rose, Pink and Purple Carnations, Gardenia, and Trailing Ivory are sprinkled with Water Droplets, Lime, and Cyclamen (known as the plant for lasting feelings and sincere affection).

Eros (Versace) Type: Our version of this deeply masculine scent has a pure Mediterranean vibe to it. With sensual notes of Amalfi Lemon, Mint Leaves, Crisp, Green Apples, Tonka Bean, Wild Geranium, Dark Vanilla, Smoky Cedarwood, Ambered Oakmoss, and Persuasive Vetiver, only strong, charismatics need to apply.

Eternity (Calvin Klein) Type: Although it was before his time, I imagine Rhett Butler wearing this irresistible Calvin Klein scent. Our provocative rendition opens with Sweet, Woody, Petitgrain, Lemon Zest, Lavender Fern, and Bergamot leading to a heart of Juniper Berry, Orange Blossom, Coriander, and Lily of the Valley before finishing with Woody Musk, Indian Chandan Sandalwood, Rosewood, and Dark Amber. Bring on the vapors!

Eucalyptus & Spearmint (Aveda) Type: Aveda’s ambience is well known and celebrated for its signature, Eucalyptus Spearmint scent. Citrus-Infused Eucalyptus marries an arctic duo of Scotch Spearmint and Fresh, Water Mint. Ahhh…

Eucalyptus Rain (B&BW) Type: B&BW brought to life a wonderful scent with Eucalyptus Rain. In our version, we’ve ratcheted up the “rain” factor… and, thus, the WOW factor!



Fairy Fresh: Inspired by the Snow-White story, our adventure begins with Sweet, Juicy Orange, Bright, Citrus Zests, and Kiwi Apple, flirting on buffered wings of Bulgarian Rose, Bergamot, and a gentle mist of Neroli.

Fairy Nectar: Zesty, Orange top notes flutter over a delectable base of Creamy Cocoa, Sweet Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar, and Milky Butterscotch. It will leave your senses craving for more.

Fantasy (Britney Spears) Type: This Britney Spears bestseller is remixed to highlight top notes of Sweet Kiwi, Red Litchi, and Golden Quince bubbling over middle notes of White Chocolate, Velvet Cupcake, Vanilla Orchid, and Jasmine… all slow dancing with a base of Light Musk, Orris Root, and Soft Woods.

Fierce (Abercrombie) Type: A heady, masculine blend of Petitgrain-, Cardamom-, and Citrus-Infused Jasmine and Rosemary flex over a simmering base of Moroccan Musk, Oakmoss, and Brazilian Rosewood.  

Fig Tree (Diptyque Figuier) Type: You’ll be mesmerized by top notes of Fig, Lavender, Blue Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Shaved Coconut; spilling over middle notes of Arabian Jasmine, Lily, and Delicate Rose; blurring the lines of a warm base of Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Rosewood, Tonka Bean, and Spanish Moss.

Flannel Sheets: It’s a warm, fresh, tumble-dried, linen kind of morning. Mandarin and Mountain Air snuggle with Cotton Blossoms, Sheer Violet, Sweet Cyclamen, Dew-Kissed Lily, Pink Jasmine, and Soothing Sandalwood. This comfort scent makes a beautiful diffuser oil, as well as a “feel-good” linen, pillow, and room

Forever Red (B&BW) Type: Bursting Red Pomegranate is accented with Creamy Osmanthus and Fluffy, Sweet Marshmallow. 

Forever Sunshine (B&BW) Type: Golden Apricots sparkle atop Pink Peonies and Praline, while Sliced Tangerines, Mandarins, and Exotic Berries lead to a heart of White Gardenia and Freesia, over a base of Sweet Vanilla, Creamy Sandalwood, and Light Musk.

Frankincense & Myrrh Frankincense: At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus; and, as the story tells us, three wise men bought baby Jesus gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. To this royal, earthy blend, we added Lilac, Heliotrope, Jasmine, Pine, and Musk to a Frankincense and Myrrh, Patchouli, and Vanilla base. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

French Kiss aka Bite Me: Enticing notes of Sugared Strawberry, Sweet, Pineapple Nectar, and Sparkling Citrus frolic over a background of Vanilla Orchid and Clove. This blend is a teen girl favorite!

French Lavender: Herbaceous, Sweet, Floral, Fresh, and Clean, French Lavender has a rich history of relieving stress and insomnia. This blend does not disappoint.

French Lavender & Honey: Green Notes accent a Lavender Accord that intertwines with Fresh Fern and Wild Honey Nectar. Warm Sandalwood finishes this popular spa blend.

French Vanilla: A hint of Fruity, Rich Cream adds a velvety smoothness to this classic Vanilla Bean scent. Soft Musk and a hint of Patchouli and Woody Amber anchor the base.

Frosted Eucalyptus: This exhilarating scent reminds me of my first morning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Icicles, my breath in the air, reindeer, mountain-scapes, and snow… lots and lots of pure, nose-crinkling snow! Spearmint and Eucalyptus. Perfection.

Frosted Pinecone & Lime: The perfect marriage of amazing scents - this strong blend is a frozen concoction of Lemon and Lime Zests, Holly-Green middle notes and a clean, clear finish of a Woody Pine and Cedar base. Not only is it a breathtaking, unisex, Diffuser Oil and Linen / Room / Pillow Spray, men love it in all bath and body products!

Fruit Loops Type: This blend truly needs no introduction, but let’s describe it anyway! Fresh Meyer Lemon Zest, Key Lime, Sweet Tangerine, Tangy Cherry, and Sea Island Grapefruit combines with middle notes of Tangy-Twist Lemongrass, Juicy Berries, and Brazilian Verbena before they all come to rest on a giggly, sweet base of Warm, Vanilla Sugar.

Fuji Apple aka McIntosh Apple: This fresh from the tree, juicy, crisp scent makes you feel like you’re in the center of an orchard, surrounded at every turn, by open windows full of cooling Apple Tarts. 



Gardenia Peach aka Georgia Peach: Being that we’re Georgia born and raised, we’re a bit of an authority on Georgia Peaches. So, we know how to recreate the perfect, Sun-Ripened, Sweet, Juicy Nectar heart of a whole bushel of our state’s best! 

Georgia Peach aka Gardenia Peach: Being that we’re Georgia born and raised, we’re a bit of an authority on Georgia Peaches. So, we know how to recreate the perfect, Sun-Ripened, Sweet, Juicy Nectar heart of a whole bushel of our state’s best! 

Ginger Souffle (Origins) Type: “WOW,” is how we describe this grounding blend! It’s actually one of the most hauntingly beautiful scents we've ever experienced. Comforting, Ground Ginger Root cradles gentle spices of Nutmeg and Clove Buds, a hint of Black Currant, light nuances of Tart Apple and Plump Peach, all balanced on a background of Sweet, Vanilla Musk.

Gingerbread Apple: If you think the smell of Gingerbread warms the heart, imagine it with a side of Applesauce! This Brown Sugar and Molasses drip is boosted with Vanilla Sugar and Homemade Apple Nectar… “cinnamonized” into creamy sauce! 

Glow (JLo) Type: It’s a firefly kind of night. As a child, I could always catch the most lightning bugs. It was as if I knew exactly where they would show up when they got their glow on. This scent reminds me of that. Expectation… soft and delicate, with notes of Orange Blossom and Night Blooming Jasmine lighting up a base of memorable, Milky Sandalwood. Gotcha!

Golden Sands: Tropical beaches beckon with soft winds of Sweet Red Apples, Black Coconut Shavings, and Island Cassis all intertwined with the intoxicating allure of Jasmine and Gardenia Blossoms, Orange Nectar Flowers, and a smooth finish of Sandalwood, Seductive Tonka Bean, and Pale Driftwood.  

Grape (Welches’) Type: As a preacher’s kid, I remember the sweet and sour taste of the little cups of Grape Juice used during communion. And, while this is a scent and not a flavor, it probably should be! This is cold, first-pressed, Concord grapes at their very, ripened best!

Grapefruit (Pink): This seductively-tangy blend of  Fresh-Squeezed Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Valencia Orange, Mouth-Watering Clementine, and Soft Florals balance an otherwise tart citrus accord. Very refreshing!

Green Apple: Granny Smith was a real person with a real, green, apple tree. This crisp, juicy scent is the perfect pairing of Tart Green Apple and Sweet, Delicious, Red Apple. Thanks Granny!

Green Apple Tea (Garnier) Type: I smelled this scent in a shampoo and had to have it! Notes of Green Apple Peels, Sweet Peach, and Soft Berries leave little to the imagination. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Green Tea & Aloe: We looked for years for the perfect Green Tea scent. The issue was that most “Green Teas” smelled much more like fresh cut grass (to which I’m allergic). No, the scent had to be soft, but intoxicating like Matcha Green Tea. We found it and added a drop of Moroccan Aloe to deepen it. Beautiful! 

Guava Fig: A modern blend of Gold Apple, Indian Cassis, and Guava, flirt seductively, with notes of Mediterranean Fig and Adriatic Pear.

Gummy Bears Type (Haribo) Type: Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange, Ripe Peach, Concord Grape, Island Coconut and Black Raspberry plays hide-and-seek with Iced Pear, Mirabelle Plum, and Sugary Vanilla.

GUCCI (GUCCI) Type: This brilliant jewel of a scent elicits rave reviews from secret admirers! Egyptian Guavas, Black Raspberries, Anjou Pears, English Chamomile, "barely there" Tiare Flowers, Spring Orange Blossoms, Spider Lilies, White Patchouli, Spun Honey, and "After 6" Musk makes anyone within your personal space a victim. Enough said.  



Hawaiian Butter: Fresh-Churned Buttercream and Citrusy top notes blend with a sweet heart of Coconut and Cotton Candy… all giggling over a rich bottom of Sun-Dried Vanilla Beans.

Heaven: Light Violet Musk and a sprinkle of Powder permeates this precocious, angelic scent. 

Heavenly (Victoria’s Secret) Type: A heavenly blend of hydrangea and violet with nuances of pear and musk.

Hello Sugar (La Senza) Type: Sweet, Bahaman Sugar Cane stirs it up with Tropical Lemon Rind and Vanilla Shortbread. Yum!

Hemp & Acai: Superfood Acai and Sweet, Dark, Rainforest Plums mingle with Hemp and Cannabis Leaf. It makes a powerful blend for a beautiful, calm mind.

Herbal Essence Type: We’re getting fresh with you! Bursting Notes of Green Apple, Tiger Lily, and English Rose make up our original version of this Apple Herbal Essence type. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Hey Honey (B&BW) Type: Hey Sweetie! That’s what you’ll be thinking with this Botanical Honey and Tahitian Vanilla treat!

Hidden Fantasy (Britney Spears) Type: Fresh Citrus and sparks of Wild Cherry and Greens intertwine with Fresh Ozone to accent this beguiling floral heart, before Tropical Ylang Ylang, Sensual Jasmine, Black Rose, Sweetened Vanilla Amber, and Cashmere Musk seal the deal.  

High Maintenance (Tyler Candle) Type: Sexy. Sexy. Sexy! This alluring floral, woodsy blend showcases a Soft Patchouli and Deep Vanilla vibe. 

Honey Lavender aka Lavender Honey: Gourmet scent with notes of Candied Lavender, Orange, and Manuka Honey, delightfully, blended with Coconut Milk, Cake Batter, and Sweet Vanilla.

Honey Mandarin: This scent blend will always be in my Top 5. I’m loyal and for good reason. Blue Ridge Wildflower Honey spills over onto a beautiful heart of Sweet Orange, Caramelized Vanilla, and a wisp of Hay. Absolutely gorgeous!

Honeysuckle: If you grew up below the Mason Dixon line before the 90’s you probably know a thing or two about eating honeysuckle off the vine! Walking down a fence line at dusk, you’ll smell this tiny miracle before you see it. Heady and little nectarous, it reminds me of Golden Jasmine tinged with Sweet Vanilla.

Hot Chocolate: Yummy, frothy, hot cocoa with melted chunks of Caramel and Creamy Vanilla… Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Hot Orange Danish: Things that make you go mmmmm! This fantastic gourmand bakery brûlée goes the extra mile with the fresh-baked aroma of Flaky Danish, Cinnamon, Milk Flowers, and Clementine Orange Zest, on a substantial portion of Fresh-Churned Butter, Crushed Vanilla Pods, Maplewood, Mexican Vanilla Beans, and Cream Cheese frosting! You know how we do!

Huckleberry Harvest: An Idaho Landscape is always dotted with a Huckleberry Bouquet reminiscent of Juicy Blueberry with Raspberry, Grape, Sweet Strawberry, and Peach.



Iced Pomegranate: It might surprise you how few people know what an actual Pomegranate smells like. They seem genuinely enamored of how sweet, how plump, and how juicy a fresh one really is. So, we took the freshest we could find and added subtle periphery notes of Orange, Strawberry Nectar, Dark Plum, Ripe Peach and blended it all on a base of Chilled Vanilla Custard!

Indian Sandalwood: A warm and rich, woodsy blend of Fresh Air and Mint introduce a floral heart of Rose and Lily of The Valley atop a down bed of Dark Patchouli, Golden Amber, and Indian Sandalwood.

Inis Irish Sea Type: Inis is the Irish word for “island.” This well known boutique redux captures the sparkling, clean, unisex scent of a day at sea. Refreshing Marine top notes with a squeeze of  Sicilian Lemon rides a wave of Lily of the Valley and base notes of Sacred Sandalwood and Clove. 

Innocence: Powdery Peony Petals, Blooming, Arabian Jasmine, Romantic Alyssum, and Fresh Strawberries sweep over a base of Soft, Egyptian Musk, Lily of the Valley, and Vanilla Bean.

Irish Cream Coffee: Indulge your caffeinated self! Our favorite blend of French Roast and Irish cream is on tap with rich, Coffee Beans surrounded by Oak-Aged, Cream Liquor… but, we didn’t stop there. We stirred in a little creamer in the form of Madagascar Vanilla. Oh, yes we did!

Island Fresh (Gain) Type: This fabulous scent smells like a tropical island breeze. Fresh, Ozone and Green top notes open a heart of Beach Lavender, Salted Vanilla, Yellow Rose, Coastal Jasmine, and Sweet Melon. This scent makes for a luxurious diffuser oil and linen / room / pillow spray.

Island Margarita: An exotic tropical delight! Bright citrus (Satsuma Orange, Meyer Lemon, Keffir Lime, Pineapple, Papaya, and Sweet Melon) hit 5-Star status with the addition of Beachside Hibiscus and a sprinkle of Sea Salt.



J’adore (Dior) Type: Ultimately feminine, this floral and fruit blend of Ylang Ylang and Turkish Damascus Rose Essences blend, blissfully, with a rare infusion of Jasmine Graniflorum and Indian Sambac for a voluptuous take on classy sensuality.

Jamaican Vanilla Cafe: This “Don’t Worry. Be Happy” blend is a harmony of Rich, Roasted Jamaican Coffee and Tempting, Sweet Vanilla Beans. 

Jellybean (Haribo) Type: Yummygobblicious! Luscious Fruit Tones tease every sense in this gourmand confection! Wild Cherry balances Ripe Peach and Tangy Strawberry for the Candy sensation at the heart of the scent. Hints of Sugared Cinnamon boosts the Juicy, Fruit Cocktail while Smooth Vanilla and Musk creates a creamy, sweet undertone.

Jolly Rancher Grape Type: Sweet. Tangy. Grape. Jolly. Rancher!

Jolly Rancher Green Type: Tart. Tangy. Green. Apple. Jolly. Rancher!



Karma (Lush) Type: Sexy and oh, so mysterious, this seductive blend of Warm, Golden Amber mixes, well, with Sweet Vanilla and a Heady, Midnight Musk for an instant, yet unforgettable, allure.

Key Lime: After a golden day at the beach nothing satisfies a sweet tooth quite like fresh Key Lime pie! Imagine a golden, graham cracker crust packed with a sweet, yet tangy, cool Lemon Lime delight… piled with mile-high homemade meringue!

Kim Kardashian Gold Type: Okay, I had to revise this scent description because... well, it's just that good. I may not try to keep up with Kim K, but man does she know how to "do" a scent. Experience a tour de force in our version of "Gold" in an Essential Oil blend: Chocolate Amber, Sweet Citrus, Ethereal Woods, Light Spices, Calming Powder Confections, Soft Patchouli, White Musk, and Balsamic notes all roll into one coup de maître! Capri Bergamot, Pomelo and Pink Pepper, Night Blooming Jasmine, one Rose Petal, and Dewy Violets are guaranteed to put the Va-Va back in your Voom! Be right back. I've got to go get some for my diffuser.

Kudzu: It might surprise you to that Kudzu smells like Sweetened, Oregon Grapes with fresh, Green Notes and Soft Floral Undertones. To this natural blend, we folded in Juicy Strawberry, Ripe Peach, Arabian Jasmine, Muguet Lily, Sweet Muscadine, Celestial Violet, and a base of Sheer Musk.

Kukui & Lime: Zesty, Fresh Lime and Creamy Coconut highlight the unique tropicality of Hawaii’s renowned Kukui Tree.

Kumquat aka Passion Fruit: I looked for this scent for years! I smelled it passing by a table, at market, and began a quest that ended with the best smelling Passion Fruit formula I’ve ever found. It was Kumquat! Sweet, Twinkly Citrus poured over a Zesty, Sangria Punch of Tart Kumquat, Sweet, Florida Orange Juice, Island Pineapple Pulp, and Green, Leafy Vines. You are welcome!



Lagerfeld Type For Men: A true classic, this bestselling redux adeptly blends Woods (Oakmoss and Cedar), Citrus (Bergamot and Lemon), Oriental Spices (Tarragon and Tonka), Floral (Rose, Orris, and Jasmine), Minty Patchouli, Amber, and Vanilla Tobacco.  The result is intoxicating.

Lavender: Imagine a summer meadow drenched in rows of Lavender Flowers gently blowing in a light breeze. Our Lavender scent stays true to the classic, beautiful flower, enhancing the natural aroma of English Lavender with highlights of Citrus, Calming Camphor, and Blue Eucalyptus. 

Lavender & Chamomile (Bedtime Bath) Type: This is the perfect addition to anything soft, baby, or spa-like. French Lavender, German Chamomile, Orange Bursts, and Eucalyptus, inspire a smooth, light finish of Cedarwood, White Musk, and Autumn Hay.

Lavender Apple: This Mountain-Crafted wonder is a breathtaking combination of Juicy Red Apples and English Lavender Buds with a ribbon of Himalayan Cedarwood Shavings. This makes a refreshingly wonderful Linen / Room / Pillow Spray.

Lavender Chamomile: A soothing, herbal scent with fresh Lavender Petals, Calabrian Bergamot, and German Blue Chamomile combined with light hints of White Pine, Tonka Bean, and Smooth Vanilla. 

Lavender Honey aka Honey Lavender: You’ll love our gourmet blend of Candied Lavender, Orange, and Manuka Honey, delightfully, blended with Coconut Milk, Cake Batter, and Sweet Vanilla.  

Lavender Mint: This is our most requested Lavender Blend. Bright, refreshing Pink Pepper, Crushed Mint Leaves, and Iced Bergamot rest upon notes of Belgian Rose, French Lavender, Vetiver, Sacred Sandalwood, and Soft Patchouli. It’s Lavender Bliss!

Lavender Powder aka Bedtime Baby: I love, love, love this whimsical blend! Comforting Heliotrope, Gentle Violet, Mandarin Slices, and Late Summer Lavender trickle over a delicate heart of Sweetheart Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli before landing in a childlike essence of Lily, Chamomile, Soft Musk, and Hay.

Le Vie Est Belle (Lancome) Type: I am not a "girly girl"; however, if I was, this is the scent I would wear. I imagine myself, in an alternate universe where I twirl around in a spaghetti-strapped, summer dress while flower shopping along the Champs Elysees. This soft, but intoxicating, aroma consists of hints of Prized Florals and bits of Juicy, Sweet Fruit Pulp on a base of Vanilla Patchouli, Tonka Bean, and Praline. Don't let the deep base notes fool you, the aroma is light and refreshingly breezy.

Leaves (B&BW) Type: This scent embodies all of the richness of the Fall / Winter Seasons featuring a medley of Ripe, Delicious Apples, Red Berries, Orange Slices, and Golden Nectar wafting over a base of Sweet Cinnamon, Clove, and White Musk.

Lemon Butter: Sicilian Lemon and Antilles Lime fold, softly, into Creamy, Just-Churned Butter… the rest, as they say, is “Bellisimo!” Pure. Unadulterated. Bliss. This is our best-selling Lemon Scent.

Lemon Lavender Type: If you’re a Lavender lover, this is a new take on an aromatic blend of Herbaceous Lavender. The welcome addition of Bright Lemon Pulp, Blue Eucalyptus, Wild Geranium, Rose, Halo Violet, Musk, and Tonka Bean give this spa-worthy blend a more citrus / floral vibe than Lavender, alone.

Lemon Marshmallow Whip: Totally delightful! Fresh-Squeezed Meyer Lemons and a hint of Poppy Seed give this popular blend a Sweet, Citrus Zing. To that zesty blend we added Italian Bergamot, Orchid, Vanilla Bean, Fluffy Marshmallows, and a pinch of Sugared Musk.

Lemon Pound Cake: This is the most indulgent, sweet blend of Lemon, Angel Food Cake, and Raw Vanilla. It’s soooo good!

Lemon Verbena: Bright, Sweet Notes of Citrus (Lemon Peel and Litsea Fruit) bolster a heart of Sugared Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Elemi, and Wild Geranium. 

Lemongrass Eucalyptus: Citrus meets Spa! A fresh,  sparkly blend of Mediterranean Lemon, Keffir Lime, and Cool Eucalyptus. This scent is absolutely gorgeous!

Lemongrass Green Tea: Enjoy the scent of Japanese Green Tea and Lemongrass poured over Sweet Orange Slices… all shaken, together, with Jasmine, Ozone, and Light Musk.

Lemongrass Kiwi: Lively Lemon and Lemongrass chase a sweet and sour blend of Juicy Apple, Kiwi, Orange Zest, Bamboo Leaves, Island Gardenia, Hyacinth, Cassis, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Melon Blossom, Water Lily, Musk, Cedar, and Vanilla.

Light Blue (Dolce & Gabbana) Type For Men: Dolce and Gabbana made waves with this bestselling fragrance. Our dupe highlights Bright Grapefruit, Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin, and Juniper over middle notes of Pepper, Rosemary, and Brazilian Rosewood… before coming to rest on a base of Soft Musk, White Incense, and Oakmoss.

Light Blue (Dolce & Gabbana) Type For Women: Sicilian Lemon, Fuji Apple, Cedar, and Bellflower introduce a heart of Bamboo, Night Blooming Jasmine, and White Rose. A dry base of White Musk and Golden Amber leave nothing left to chance.

Lilac Blossom: Hypnotic Lilac blossoms accent buds of Sweet Rose and delicate Lily of the Valley.

Lime Margarita: Savor a delicious summer cocktail blend! The scent of Sweet Lime blended with Juicy Orange Pulp, Tangy Tequila, and a pinch of Salt!

Lolita (L de’ Lolita Lempicka) Type: A luxurious blend of Fresh Citrus (Lemon and Orange) slow dance with Licorice Flower, Cashmere Suede, and Sacred Sandalwood.  

Lollipop: Candied Lime, Lemon, and Tangerine tickle the fancy of Juicy Black Raspberry, Alpine Strawberry, Sweet Pear, and French Vanilla.

Lost Cherry (Tom Ford) Type: The bliss of Lost Cherry is its perfect concoction of sweet and fruity notes. With Sweet & Dark Cherries, Nutty Almond, and Slightly Woody Tonka Bean accords, this sexy gourmand is as cozy as it is decadent.

Love Spell (Victoria’s Secret) Type: It’s downright impossible to find someone who doesn’t instantly know this scent when you mention it. With top notes of Georgia Peach, Cherry Blossom, and Red Apple; middle notes of Mountain Lilac, Jasmine, and Lily-of-the-Valley; and, base notes of Tamarind, Musk, and White Woods it’s easy to see how this scent put Victoria’s Secret on the map.

Lush Succulent: You need this fresh scent in your product line. Settle into a gorgeous aroma of Cucumber, Vetiver, Wild Grass, Honey, Golden Bamboo, Geranium, Sage, Soft Patchouli, Oakmoss, and Indian Sandalwood. 



Mad About You Type: I’m an unapologetic scent snob. So, if I tell you I LOVE a blend, I really, reaaaallllyyyy love it; and, this one is one of my faves! If you like Bath & Body Works “Mad About You” fragrance, you’ll love our literal translation of it into an essential oil blend! Wild Strawberries and Black Currant blend, effortlessly, into a sophisticated base of Blushing Peony, Arabian Jasmine, Honey Crisp Apple, and sensual, Golden Amber. Just wow!

Mahogany Teakwood (B&BW) Type: An opening of Clean Lavender and Rosy Nuances of Geranium give depth to a virile base of Warm Mahogany, Cedar, and Oakwood.

Mango Coconut: Zoom in… it’s golden hour at a rare, pink-sand beach at the base of a sleeping volcano. Surrounding the inlet is a ring of Coconut trees that lean out over the clear, blue water. Imagine the pulp from these Coconuts whipped into a Sweet Smoothie made from Honey Mangoes, Georgia Peaches, Fuji Apples, Tonka Bean, and Grade A Vanilla Beans. Now imagine this scent is twice as good as anything you just imagined!  

Mango Sorbet: Mango, Sugared Raspberry, and Lemon Curd are blended to sweet, confectionary perfection.

Marshmallow Fluff: Rich, creamy, gooey, delicious Marshmallow Cream is a yummy, delicious Sugary Blend of Marshmallow and Vanilla Bean.

Mint Chocolate: Mint Chocolate Chip is an irresistible, delight with Sweet, Vanilla Ice Cream, Crushed Mint Leaves, and Big, Fat Chocolate Chips.

Misbehavin’ Type: This blend is too good! Imagine the tantalizing aroma of Sweet Candied Apples and Ripe Pomegranates with hints of Persian Ivy and Amber Oakmoss.

Monkey Farts aka Butt Naked: What does Monkey Farts smell like? It’s the tropical, fresh aroma coming from the edge of a forbidden rainforest after a rolling thunder storm… ripe Bananas and White Grapefruit give way to Cool, Arctic Kiwi, Beach Strawberries, and Juicy Bubblegum, all resting on a down of Creamy Madagascar Vanilla. It’s chaste innocence in a world that's anything but…

Moon Dust: I am over-the-moon about this new scent! Sweet Red Berries, Juicy Tangerine, Iced Bergamot, Bubbly Champagne, Cyclamen, Violet Leaves, Soft Cashmere, White Amber, and Musk make for a fun, yet oh-so-sexy blend!

Mother Nature: McIntosh Apple, Valencia Orange, Geranium, Wild Violets, and French Lavender drift over a base of Sugared Vanilla, Warm Woods, and Mediterranean Musk.

Mt. Dew Type: This classic Lemon / Lime fizzy pop is so good, you’ll imagine you can feel the bubbles tickle your nose.

Mulberry Cherry: We reimagined classic Mulberry. Our concoction is enhanced with Sweet Satsuma Oranges, Wild Cherries, and Crushed Berries with a Light, Sweet ribbon of Tahitian Vanilla.



Napa Valley aka Cabernet Sauvignon: A Fruity Cabernet Wine blend boasts top notes of Wild Grape, Sweet Cherry, and Strawberry finished with middle notes of Fresh Apple, Orange Blossom, and Plum in a delicate base of French Vanilla.

Narcissist (Narcisco Rodriguez) Type: A seductive blend of Warm Egyptian Musk and Mysterious Patchouli is highlighted with touches of Spicy Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, and Star Anise.

Naughty But Nice: Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t just a Santa scent. No, this best seller tops our popularity list year round. With a blend of Sugar-Dipped Berries, Homemade Whipped Cream, Pink Cotton Candy, and a Sexy Noir, we’re sure you can see why.



Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey is our oldest selling scent blend. You'll love the creamy and comforting scent of Colloidal Oatmeal, French Vanilla, and Rich Wildflower Honey.

Obsession Type Calvin Klein) Type: Soft Powdery top notes and Shimmery Citrus hovers over a sultry bed of Dark Musk and Patchouli.

Old Spice Fresh Type: This masculine scent features an opening of Zesty Citrus and a heart of Aromatic Lavender, Cardamom, Moss, and Sheer Jasmine - all warmed by a sizzling base of Cedar, Velvet Woods, and Amber.

Olive & Thyme: This Earthy Floral opens with Citrus highlights of Fresh Lemon and Sweet Orange. Green Herbaceous tones mingle with a Fresh, Fantasy Floral accord at the heart of the scent. Warm Earthy accents add depth and texture. 

Olive Tree: A burst of Lemon Sunshine prepares you for a Spicy Blend of Wild Geranium, Thyme, and Rosemary on a warm, woody base.

Orange Creamsicle aka Orange Sherbet: Remember the Orange Pushup you loved as a kid? Enjoy a nostalgic blend of Orange Citrus swirled with Creamy, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Seconds, please!

Orange Ginger (B&BW) Type: Stimulating Ginger and Refreshing Orange perfectly blend to energize and uplift the senses.  

Orange Guava: Close your eyes and book a tropical vacation with this exotic blend of Sugary Guava, Mandarin Balm, Sparkling Tangerine, Satsuma Orange, Mango Pulp, and Purple Passionfruit.

Orange Sherbet aka Orange Creamsicle: Remember the Orange Pushup you loved as a kid? Enjoy a nostalgic blend of Orange Citrus swirled with Creamy, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.



Paris Hilton Type: Bring out your flirty side with our addictive Paris Hilton Type blend. Sass a little with the sweet, fruity blend of Ripe, Juicy Apple, Sweet Melon, Gardenia, and a White Musk on a Powdery, Black Raspberry base.

Passion Fruit aka Kumquat: A delectable, fruit salad blend offers slices of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, and Pineapples leading to middle notes of Sweet, Orange Zest, Jasmine, and Sugared Berries all on a bed of Beach Brambles and Violet Leaves. This is a very popular citrus blend.

Passionate Kisses (Victoria’s Secret) Type: A sweet, floral and fruity blend of Sweet Peas, Hyacinths and Violets boast top notes of Crisp Citrus. The base consists of White Musk, Sacred Sandalwood, and Tonka Bean. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Peach Bellini (B&BW) Type: Sweet Orange Slices glisten with sparkling rays of Translucent, White Peach Nectar and Bubbly Champagne. Cheers!

Peach Vanilla: Imagine Sugared, Ripe Peaches drizzled with Rich Vanilla Cream. It’s like Deep South, Homemade, Peach Vanilla Ice Cream on a scorching summer day!

Peaches & Creme aka Almost Paradise: Drift away to paradise with this dreamy aroma. Creamy Coconut Milk combines with Georgia Peaches and Fresh Cream for a tantalizing treat for the senses.  

Pear Blossom aka Pear Glacé (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Fragrance Notes: A fragrant blend of Fresh Pear Nectar, Cassis, Violet, and Sweet Honeysuckle. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Pear Glacé (Victoria’s Secret Type) aka Pear Blossom: Fragrance Notes: A fragrant blend of Fresh Pear Nectar, Cassis, Violet, and Sweet Honeysuckle. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Pecan Pie: This crowd pleaser smells like a Delicious, Freshly Baked Pecan Pie with a Warm, Caramelized Vanilla base.

Peppermint (Arctic): This sparkling clean and refreshing scent is a classic blend of Peppermint with light nuances of Warm Vanilla and Blue Eucalyptus.

Peppermint Creme: Pure, Cool Peppermint gets a twist with the addition of Marshmallow Fluff, Vanilla Sugar, and Crème de Menthe. Yum!

Perfect Autumn (White Barn) Type: Fall into the perfect combination of Mouthwatering Cranberry, Spiced Pumpkins, and Juicy, Red Apples.  

Perfect Pineapple: Fresh, Sliced Pineapple, Orange Citrus, and Cotton Candy frolic over a base of Light Greens and Musk. This is only for those on serious “island time.”

Picnic in the Park (Donna Karan) Type aka Autumn Amour: I was pleasantly surprised by this atypical Fall Scent. It’s a Fresh, Airy Blend of Mango, Sweet Coconut, Strawberry, and just a hint of Cherry.

Pina Colada: Who doesn’t love this tropical fave? Ripe Fiji Pineapples, Coconut Milk, and a drop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a splash of Jamaican Rum.

Pineapple Mango (B&BW) Type: We discovered this sultry summer splash by special request and are thrilled we did. If you know what it feels like to order an umbrella drink, while the surf laps your toes, you know the ambience of this scent. Light Musk and Sandalwood (from a Cabana Boy) slow dance with middle notes of Ripe, Sweet Mango and Tropical Pineapple. A triple threat of Sheer Floral and Lemon Zest lingers behind.

Pink Berry Mimosa Type: A wispy, playful combination of Sweet Strawberries, Black Raspberries, Citrus Peel, and Sparkling Pink Moscato is always a great reason to celebrate.

Pink Champagne aka A Thousand Wishes (B&BW) Type: Savor the aroma of bubbly, Iced Champagne, Golden Quince, and Almond Creme flirting, shamelessly, with notes of White Linen and Peony, Vetiver and Baltic Amber, Sugared Sandalwood, and Velvet Musk. It’s our rather impressive version of one of B&BW’s best selling claims to fame. You’ll love it!

Pink Chiffon (B&BW) Type: Just like the popular Bath and Body Works scent, top notes of Sparkling Bosc Pear, Peach Nectar, and Wild Berries cavort with middle notes of Water Lily, Apple Blossom, Tiare Flower, and Jasmine… all on a base of Vanilla Orchid, Sandalwood, Coconut Milk, and Chiffon Musk. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Pink Sugar Sensual (Aquolina) Type: Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina is a Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. Pink Sugar Sensual was launched in 2009. Top notes are Tangerine, Black Currant and Bergamot; middle notes are Tiare Flower, Jasmine and African Orange flower; base notes are Sugar, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Pink Sugar Type: A playful blend of Sugared Vanilla and Gooey Caramel dripping over a sexy base of Castagnaro Bergamot, Pixie Tangerines, Jewel Raspberries, Lily of the Valley, and Soft Musk…  

Pixie Potion: Oh, those mischievous little pixies! Crazy strong and totally amazing, this fabulously fruity cocktail of Red Apples, Fuzzy Peaches, Sweet Red Berries, and Juicy Apricots blend, effortlessly, with Bubbly Citrus for a wonderful sparkly appeal. With a boosted base of Caracas Coconut and Sweet Sugar Crystals, it’s like a super, sweet pop of Fabulosity!

Plum Rain (Lush) Type: Mandarin and Sweet Orange Slices brighten Notes of Oriental Plum and Osmanthus (Jasmine) Blossom. This scent is romantically and hauntingly memorable.

Polo Red Type For Men: This Spicy, Red Composition of Heady Woods, Hot, Dark Amber, and Spicy Red Grapefruit makes it totally irresistible.

Pretty in Pink (Betsey Johnson) Type: Pretty notes of Pink Jasmine, Pineapple Nectar, Green Apple, and Honeydew Melon make this gorgeous, scent blend a favorite among professional flirts!

Pumpkin Apple (B&BW) Type: This is one of our top Fall sellers! Crisp, Sweet Apples and Fresh Pumpkin Nectar fold into a Creamy Base of Vanilla Bean Custard.

Pumpkin Pie Spice: A true-to-life scent with notes of Sweet, Caramelized Pumpkin, Fall Spices, and a dollop of Vanilla Sugar and Cream.

Pure Seduction (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Airy Freshness and Citrusy Sparkle refresh a Summer Strawberry - Sweet Apple blend that weaves Arabian Jasmine and Muguet into a Soft Floral. Musk sweetens the impression and marries the blend for a richer texture. This scent can be light in some formulas.



Raspberry Sugar (B&BW) Type: This is such a delightful sweet treat! Juicy, Fruity, Candy top notes are scrumptious blended of Sugared Raspberries, Persian Plum and a whiff of White Floral.

Raspberry Tangerine (B&BW) Type: What do you get when you mix Sweet, Black Raspberries with Robust Tangerine? Perfection.

Red Cocoa (Caren) Type: Our best selling Fall / Winter scent just sounds incredible: Sweet and Spicy Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla, and Dark Cocoa do a mating dance with Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and Vanilla Bourbon. Ribbons of Whipped Creme make for an oh-so-smooth finish.

Reindeer Poo: We can name any of your product scents “Reindeer.” This is a name we generally use for fun Kids’ or Christmas scents. Popular choices include Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Bean Noel, and other holiday faves. See other Kids’ Scent names such as Monster Snot, Pink Princess, Super Hero and more…

Romance (Ralph Lauren) Type: Like a fairy tale, this avant garde floral starts out with the fresh scent of Yellow Rose and Wild Jasmine, then settles into a Woody Base resembling the comfort of a sensual embrace.

Rosemary Mint (Aveda) Type: Just as expected, this scent combines Warm, Fresh Rosemary with a blend of Cool, Light Spearmint and Peppermint.



Sacred Sandalwood: One of the oldest ingredients in nature’s perfumery is Smooth, Tranquil, Silky Sandalwood. For a hint of added sensuality, imagine the addition of Soft, Powdery, Golden Amber and Velvety Florals with a touch of White Musk. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Sage & Citrus (Yankee Candle) Type: Everyone loves the wonderful aroma of Sparkling Mandarin, Sweet Tangerine, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Lemon Rinds, with base notes of Fresh Sage Leaves.

Salted Caramel (Yankee Candle) Type: Rich, Indulgent Salted Caramel creates a comfort food combination with Sweet Coconut, Caramelized Sugar, and Silky Caramel Vanilla.  

Sandalwood & Shea: Arabian Jasmine and Shea Flower tango with Exotic Woods of Sandalwood and Teak, while Vanilla Pods and Warm Patchouli offer a rich bottom accord.

Sandalwood Vanilla: My favorite masseuse turned me onto this combination! Fresh Shavings of Sensual Sandalwood are scattered atop Delicate, Creamy Vanilla.  

Sea Mineral (Soft Soap) Type: Our Sea Minerals blend brings, together, a refined freshness starting with top notes of Ozone and Crisp Linen. Eucalyptus and Freesia complement the Sea Salt Core, a touch of Powder in the base keeps the scent light and airy, and Irish Sea Moss adds an Earthy, Green Depth. This scent is in our Top 10 all time most popular category.

Sea Moss: Iced, Italian Bergamot meets Vanda Orchid, Sweet Jasmine, Mountain Violet, Ocean and Ozone, Soft Sandalwood, Midnight Musk, and Wild Atlantic Moss.

Sea Salt & Orchid: Our Sea Salt and Orchid blend is a smooth, elegant pairing of Soft Florals and Salty Highlights. Experience Crisp, Ozonic Notes before diving, head first, into Calming Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Grounding Tonka Bean.

Sea Salt & Rice Flower: Clean, fresh, and spa-like, this Beachy scent has notes of Creamy Rice Flower, Citrus and Peel, Cotton Blossoms, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Azure Sky Ozone, Celtic Grey Sea Salt, Green Bamboo Leaves, Vanilla Bean, and Sheer Musk. This is definitely a refreshing, seaside spa blend.

Sexy Little Thing (Victoria’s Secret) Type: A beguiling, intro highlights Crisp, Sweet Apple, Water Lily, and Osmanthus… while middle notes of Jasmine, Lotus, and Honeysuckle hover over a base of Soft Musk, Cashmere Woods, and Dutch Iris. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Shampura (Aveda) Type: This spa blend boasts a new take on Wild Orange, Eucalyptus, Sweet Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang. This is not your Mama’s Spa Scent!

Shave & A Haircut Type For Men: This is as barbershop masculine as it comes! A mix of Lemon Pulp, Calabrian Bergamot, Cool Mint, French Lavender, Indian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Dark Amber, a Green Accord, and Musk should be enough for Hunky Cavemen to chisel on walls.  

Snowkissed Sugar (B&BW) Type: I had to smell this gorgeous scent a dozen times before I could adequately describe it to you. Imagine enchanted top notes of Wild, Mountain Blackberry, Vanilla Sugar, White Peach, Amber, and Soft Musk blended with a heart of Plum Nectar, Vanilla Orchid, and White Chocolate, all on a molten base of Fresh, Roasted Coconut, Sacred Sandalwood, and more Vanilla. It's just more... everything... and so, so, good!

Snowman Snot: We can name any of your product scents “Snowman Snot.” This is a name we generally use for fun Kids’ or Christmas scents. Popular choices include Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Bean Noel, and other holiday faves. See other Kids’ Scent names such as Monster Snot, Pink Princess, Super Hero and more…

Spanish Fly: This is a rich, complex scent of Light Musk and Citruses of Fresh, Sweet Orange, Lemon Balm, and Kaffir Lime Leaves. Green Notes are muddled, bright, and have a Floral and Vanilla Cream depth in the soul of the blend.  The scent isn't overwhelming or too soft.  Its base does have earthy notes which, cohesively, ground the whole scent. This is a unique, unisex blend loved by all.

Sparkling Citrus Sangria: Celebrate with Zesty, Lemon and Orange Slices perfectly blended with Wild Berries, Crystallized Sugar, and Vanilla Pods.

Sparkling Limoncello (B&BW) Type: Sparkling notes of Sweet Oranges, Sorrento Lemons, and Sour Limes flirt with Fruit and Floral Nuances before resting in a bubble base of Lemon Zest and Cane Sugar. 

Sparkling Plum: A zesty hint of Sweet Orange Citrus in the top note adds juicy freshness to this Delicious Mirabelle Plum treat. Soft Sandalwood and Winter Orchid complete this festive, European fave!

Spiced Winter Apple (B&BW) Type: Crisp, Granny Smith Apples and D'Anjou Pears are enhanced by Spicy Cinnamon Sticks and Fresh, Green, Holiday Garland.

Sugar Chick (Philosophy) Type: This takes sweet tooth  to a whole new level with Billowy Marshmallows and just the right amount of Lemon Sugar. It's Cake-y, almost Pie-like as in Lemon Meringue, but the extra sweetness keeps it in the realm of a feel good fruity scent.

Sugared Amber & Plum: Chilled Citron and Crimson Plum are warmed by Sugared Amber and Cashmere Musk.

Sugar Plum: Listen up! This does not smell like the sickeningly, sweet, licoric-y, Christmas Candy. Oh no. This is a masterpiece! Imagine Fresh, Juicy Plums sprinkled with Orange Zest, Cloudberry, Rich Vanilla, and Sugared Musk!

Sugared Apple (Yankee Candle Type): Pucker up to the sweet, juicy, delicious aroma of Crisp Sugared Apples! Not your everyday Apple scent, this beautiful blend takes the “peel-y” freshness of Just-Picked Apple and adds a dash of Baking Vanilla for just the right amount of mouthwatering perfection! Next comes a sprinkle  of Fine Confectioner's Sugar and a hint of Sweet Musk. The decadence of the Vanilla Sugar and the tartness of Authentic Apples make this orchard unforgettable!

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Type: Enjoy a dreamy soak in an oceanside spa. Sheer Cucumber, French Lavender, Balsam, and a Whisper of Lime carry you away on a Salty Ocean Breeze. Hints of Oakmoss and Musk linger in the air. 

Sweet Cherry & Dogwood: A delectable blend of Juicy Cherry, Wild Strawberry, and Flowering Dogwood Blossoms mingle with Slices of Tropical Pineapple and Sweet Honey Crisp. This scent can be light in some formulas.

Sweet Like Candy (Ariana Grande Type): Flirty and Feisty, Sweet, Ripe Berries, Citrus Candies, and Warm Vanilla come together in a playful harmony that showcases Sugar-Frosted Blackberries and Iced Bergamot leading into a Marshmallow and Cassis heart as it rests in a dry bed of Warm Woods.

Sweet On Paris: The delights of an authentic Paris Bakery can now be yours with Sweet Notes of Frosted Blackberry, Mediterranean Lemon, and Smooth, Buttery Vanilla.

Sweet Patchouli: Patchouli’s intoxicating, slightly sweet aroma is best described as grounding and Mother Earth Musk. 

Sweet Pea (B&BW) Type: Many a gardener's (and florist's) favorite flower, the Sweet Pea... is wonderfully fragrant. We've captured the true, airy sweetness of Sweet Peas... the scent, which naturally falls, somewhere between Spring Orange Blossom and Wild Hyacinth, with a hint of Sweetheart Rose peeking through.

Sweet Strawberry (Yankee Candle) Type: I love this Strawberry Blend! Sweet, Ripe, Ribbons of Strawberry wind their way around Fresh Greens while Soft, Sheer Musk grounds the base into a Sugary Fruit Sensation.  

Sweet Tart (Orange): A blend as bright and colorful as the candy, itself. It’s a punchy smack of Citrus Sweetness that’s reminiscent of a first kiss!

Sweet Tooth: The second we sampled this, we had to have it! It’s that good! The base of this blend is a Buttery Cookie with Sweet Frosting… but there is so much more! Candied Cherries and Fruits, along with Frosty Sprinkles and Powdered Sugar, make for an absolute MUSH HAVE!

Sweetened Spa Waters: This is such a lovely scent. Clear Blue Water infused with Spearmint and Water Mint opens a heart of Cucumber and Eucalyptus before anchoring in a base of Sugared Vanilla. Spa-Ahhh!



Tahitian Vanilla Spice: Creamy, Buttery Vanilla, with Fall-In-Love, Autumn Spices.

Tangerine Gelato: Say, “Hello” to bliss with our Smooth, Tangy, and Creamy, Tangerine Gelato. Sea-Kissed Citrus blends, like a dream, with Orange Creamsicle and Lemon Zest, Nutmeg, Tahitian Vanilla, South-of-the-Border Tequila, and Sparkling White Woods.  

Tea Tree: Grounding, Herbal, Earthy, and Medicinally Refreshing.

Tea Tree & Lemon: We upped Mother Nature’s Herbal, Earthy Aroma with a splash of Mediterranean Lemon.

Tea Tree & Peppermint: Cool Refreshing Peppermint lends an iciness to Mother Nature’s Natural Tea Tree.

Teakwood & Cardamom: Our rendition of Teakwood & Cardamom is an exotic, masculine blend of Earthy Teakwood surrounded by Rich Spices of Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Clove; sitting on a deep, reverberating base of Cedar, Amber, Sandalwood, and Patchouli.

Too Pretty Type (Betsey Johnson) Type: You can never feel too pretty! A sparkling, enticing, and boisterous blend of Floral and Fruity showcase Pink Grapefruit, Peach Blossom, and Cyclamen caressing middle notes of Lily of the Valley, and Jasmine, before folding into a base of Sweet Vanilla Base.

Tuscan Orange aka Blood Orange: What happens when you mix Tangy, Blood Orange with Agave Floral Thyme? Perfection. Every product… Every time.



Under The Sea: This is so, so good! Raw Coconut, Pink Pomelo, and Kiwi Nectar lead to a heart of Rain-Soaked Palm, Pineapple Leaves, and Custard Apple!


Vanilla Bean: Vanilla Bean is a soft blend that smells like a sophisticated Vanilla Bean Liqueur. This scent can be light in some products.

Vanilla Bean Noel (B&BW) Type: Savor a Rich, Sweet, Vanilla, Sugar Cookie with a slightly Roasted Marshmallow Background and a hint of Gooey Caramel.  

Vanilla Birch (B&BW) Type: Fresh White Birch, Sweet Madagascar Vanilla, and Warm Sandalwood come together in this cozy, soothing blend.

Vanilla Bourbon (Mix: Bar) Type: Warm and spicy, this rich blend of Madagascan Vanilla Bean has more than a few drops of Mellow, Oak-Infused Bourbon. Throughout its layers, you’ll also find Golden Amber interwoven with Apple Blossom, Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid, Black Pepper, and Bergamot… all simmering in a base of Warm Madagascar Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Vanilla Champagne: I’ll admit, I’ve got an awesome job description. I get to create and play with bath & body and skincare all day, every day… which is why, when I say, “This, you’ve gotta see (or smell),” you can take it to the bank! Vanilla Champagne is one of those. Surprisingly bubbly for a really sexy scent, this evocative blend sparkles with aldehydic scents to create a fizzy, fragrant heart formed of green and white florals and Jamaican Rum! Dazzling wood tones also combine with Mother Earth accents while a dreamy base of tropical Vanilla Beans envelopes everything!

Vanilla Coconut: On the tiny volcanic island of Kadavu, just off the main shore of Fiji, grow sweet True Dwarf Coconuts. The milk from these coconuts comes from fertile archipelago soil. We have blended this nutty richness with Tahitian Vanilla, Lily of the Valley, Crimson Parrot, a pinch of Rainforest Rose and folded it into a warm base of Cane Sugar and Cedarwood. It's our new tropical favorite.

Vanilla Hazelnut: Mouthwatering, Toasted Hazelnuts and Creamy Vanilla enfold a blend of Smooth, Milky Coconut and Just-Churned Butter.

Vanilla Lace (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Seductive, heady, and intoxicating, Tahitian Vanilla envelopes a secret base of Orchid Flower, with a subtle dry down of Ambered Musk. This is definitely a new twist on Vanilla. Beautiful!

Vanilla Lime: My new tropical favorite!!! This intoxicating blend is a genuine, island, “ahhhh” moment. You own’t be able to help yourself. Smooth, creamy Madagascar Vanilla… drizzled into a frothy, Tahitian Lime smoothie. It’s as sweet as it is tart and as warm as it is cool. Tropic like it’s hot!

Vanilla Oak: This unique, unisex fave incorporates Camphor, Iced Bergamot, Cassia Root, Heliotrope, Golden Amber, Oak, Sandalwood, and White Patchouli into a Rich Base of Madagascar Vanilla.

Vanilla Papaya: This is our “secret sauce” blend. You can only get it here… Imagine a Creamsicle, with an extra side of Caramelized Vanilla, folded into a tropical concoction of Papaya, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Banana, Green Tea, Coconut, Aloe, and Chamomile! This is definitely a bestseller!

Vanilla Patchouli (B&BW) Type: Calling all of our earthy friends! Woody, Sacred Sandalwood, and timeless Golden Amber tantalize on a deep base of Dark Patchouli, sweetened by rich, creamy Madagascar Vanilla.

Vanilla Pineapple Margarita: South-of-the-Border, at low tide, you can hear the island music calling you to the banks for a round of salt-rimmed refreshment. This blissful aroma of Creamy Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Mangoes, Sweet Vanilla, and dusting of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt makes every day, vacay! 

Vanilla Verbena (B&BW) Type: Vanilla Verbena is a compelling, unisex blend of Bright Verbena, Sweetened Vanilla, Sicilian Lemon, Orange Zest, Arabian Jasmine, Creamy Heliotrope, Soft Amber, White Musk, and Precious Woods.

Vanille 44 (Paris City Exclusive Le Labo) Type: Vanilla 44 is a Paris Scent. And, not just any Paris Scent. This is an October Paris Scent, at its best... when Woodsmoke floats over the Seine like Vanilla Chestnuts roasting over a fireplace. It permeates through the market of Smoldering Croissants. It's NOT a Vanilla just for the sake of being Vanilla. It's not Birthday Cake or Haagan-Daz. It's decidedly less complicated, less sweet, more impactful. This is High-End Vanilla. It's chosen a side. Earthy and warm... produced by pure Vanilla Pods with, dare I say, one drop of Bourbon... just after a Sunday rain.

Velvet Sugar: This has been our top-selling scent, factory-wide, for years (and for good reason). Venture into Maui's Rainforest with an intriguing, bakery mix of Cinnabon, Strawberry, Raw Sugarcane, and Rare Vanilla Orchid. To that, add a fabulous blend of Keiffer Lime, Yellow Hibiscus, Golden Pineapple, Blood Orange, Palm Grass, Lemon Mint, and Kona Sugarloaf… It’s like your favorite thing, in a bottle. 

Vermont Honey Apple: Sweet Apple, Anjou Pear, and hints of Ripe Nectarine pair with Honey Butter, Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Milk and Soft musk.  It reminds me of an early autumn morning - fresh clean and invigorating. The Apple and Pear are slightly mellowed by the element of Pure-Spun Golden's brilliant.

Very Sexy For Men Type (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Oh, Vicki! You’ve done it, again. Relish this Spicy, Citrus scent of Tangerine, Pink Lime, and Bergamot Leaves with middle notes of Lime Wood, Cinnamon Bark, and Weathered Sage. Bottom notes anchor everything with a down of Vetiver and Orange Flower.

Very Sexy for Women Type (Victoria’s Secret) Type: Victoria can’t let the guys have all the fun. In fact, I have it on good authority that this blend of Floral  Clementine, Cactus Flowers, Vanilla Orchid, Wild Blackberry, White Amber, and Pimento (yes Pimento) has inspired “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” nights from Rio to the Riviera!

Vienna Rose Oud: If you like Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose & Oud, you’ll love our rendition with Vienna Roses. A Velvety Rose Petal accord cuts to the heart of Arabian Jasmine, Clove, Mediterranean Oud, Soft Patchouli, Sugared Pralines, Golden Amber, and Light Musk. Even if you are not a “Rose” lover, this blend will remake you think everything!

Viva La Juicy Type: A tantalizing mix of Wild Berry, Beach Strawberries, and Oriental Mandarin flirt, ever so lightly, with White Gardenia, Pink Jasmine, and Bright Honeysuckle - all enhanced by a deep and luxurious base of Wild Raspberry, Vanilla Praline, Soft Woods, and Golden Amber. 

Volcano (Capri Blue) Type: Capri Blue’s infamous candle scent comes to life in bath & body with our version of Exotic and Vibrant Tropical Lime, Lemon, White Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, and Pomelo, on a refreshing bed of Fresh Greenery.  


Warm Vanilla Sugar (B&BW) Type: This light aroma is an Irresistibly Creamy, Sweet Treat of Intoxicating Vanilla, White Orchid, Sparkling Sugar, Cashmere, Fresh Jasmine, and Sacred Sandalwood. This scent can be light in some products.

Watermelon: We took a cool, summer fave and raised the bar. Sweet Watermelon saves the day with the addition of Ripe Melons, Juicy, Georgia Peaches, and Summer Strawberries (with a big, fat, scoop of Vanilla).

Watermelon Mint: Juicy Watermelon and Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade ripples over Citron Zest, Pineapple Slices, and Crushed Mint Leaves before splashing into Petals of Pink Jasmine, Sugar Crystals, White Musk, and Vanilla Orchid. This is such a refreshing scent!

White Chocolate: Notes of Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Butter, and Confectionary Sugar blend, together, to create the ultimate Creamy White Chocolate!

White Chocolate Apple (Yankee Candle) Type: Christmas festivals made this a holiday staple. A Sweet, Red Apple is dipped into a melting pot of Pear Puree, Madagascar Vanilla, and Decadent, White Chocolate. 

White Gardenia: Gorgeous notes of White Gardenias are seduced with Petals of Exotic Ylang Ylang and Lily. This is the perfect blend of two, southern, garden beauties.

White Mint: I’ve heard this one called “Dr. Peppermint.” As a Dr. Pepper lover, I get the reference. Iced Arctic Peppermint, Spearmint, Clove, and White Musk make this one of our favorite, unisex, relaxing, spa scents!

White Peach Prosecco (B&B) Type: It’s always happy hour with White Peach Prosecco (and a southern happy hour at that)… as this Georgia Peach, Tuscan Lemon and Lime Peel, Star Apple and extra juicy Lava Pineapples… are shaken AND stirred over icy sparkling aldehydes. Yum, yum, and yum!

White Pepper & Lavender: This is another, unisex, stress-relieving spa fave! Herbaceous French Lavender blends, seamlessly, with a ribbon of White Pepper and a Beautiful, Powdery, Woody Base

White Tea: White Tea is the ultimate, luxurious, staycation scent. An opening of Ripe Mandarin and Iced Bergamot steep over a heart of White Thyme and Ginger, all enhanced with a shot of steam from Light Herbal Spices and Delicate Jasmine Blossoms. This scent can be light in some products.

White Tea & Ginger (B&BW) Type: This comforting blend is a brilliant mix of Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Star Lily, Light Ginger, Nutmeg, Hyacinth, Freesia, Pink Peony, and Soft Musk.

Wild Berry Tulips (B&BW) Type: Even if you don’t consider yourself a “floral” scent person, believe me when I tell you, this floral will win you over. BIG TIME! I couldn’t believe how good it was. With Sweet, Sun-Ripened Berries and Floral Tones of Freshly Blooming Tulips, this is the perfect, feminine scent for any line of products.

Wild Currant Sandalwood: Although this is a completely unisex blend, men absolutely adore it. It’s a vibrant mix of Wild Currant, Dried Berries, and Warm, Indian Sandalwood.

Wild Peach Poppies (B&BW) Type: Top Notes of Sparkling Prosecco, Bubbly Apricot, Water Fruit, and Juicy Berries lead to delicious bursts of Ripe, Georgia Peaches and Zesty Bergamot before being drenched in Honeysuckle, Mississippi Magnolia, Arabian Jasmine, and Sugared Musk. 



Y (Yves Saint Laurent) Type: Woody, earthy, and still, somehow ethereal, experience top notes of Citrus (Italian Bergamot), Muted Ginger, Cool Mint, and Mediterranean Lemon as they cascade over heart notes of Fuji Apple, Violet Leaf, Subtle Sage, Pineapple, and Geranium which, in turn, ripple through a deep base of White Tobacco, Musk, Lebanon Cedar, Balsam Fir, Incense, and "Come Hither" Vetiver.



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