Why Private Label / White Label?



You know those sales tactics that just make you yawn?

Seriously, this is where most of our competitors' sites give you jaw-dropping statistics about how private label brands are dominating the universe (and they aren't wrong); but, I think I'll just leave those hard sell numbers to them and pique your interest with something from my heart -- just one thing that makes us stand out from the rest (for just one product).

​It's 1823, in Senegal, a group of hardworking, native women got together and began harvesting organic (although the term was not yet known) Shea Butter from the nuts of their beloved Karite Trees. I could share my research on their heritage, their lifestyles, their customs; and, I will share some of that in future blogs... but, now, I want to take a moment to talk about one ingredient. Just one.

There are many African countries that now export every imaginable grade of Shea Butter around the world. Our African Shea Butter, though, our Organic Shea Butter is still processed by a beautiful group of skilled laborers much as it was 200 years ago. To know versus to experience is not the same thing. To make something the best it can ever be, you have to start with something as good as it ever was. 

Here is where I tell you how our competitors don't make money until they ship the products they manufacture out the door. To each his own, but this means really high temp melts (like really high)... the kind of high temp melts that cook, to death, anything whole and remotely good for you. We'd rather take this premium block of Organic Shea and slowly melt it, while folding in other skin-drenching superfoods (full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals) that make the final body butter the perfect formula and consistency to do far more than we've promised under its product description.

You could stock your brick and mortar, e-commerce, Amazon, or Facebook Live store with products that everyone else has... inferior ingredients, middle men, outdated live markets, overstocked virtual markets, etc.

We understand it's a big temptation to order nationally recognized brands. It's a great idea. So great, in fact, that everyone's had it... including, not one, but ALL of your competitors.

So what do you do? Display it better? Price it cheaper?

We believe stocking what everyone else stocks is a bad idea - especially in today's dog-eat-dog, retail atmosphere. What if I told you that you could havewildly profitable, customized products in every bath, body, beauty, salon, spa, cosmedical, and medispa category? You can!

While that's sinking in, imagine people coming to, calling, or emailing you for your product. Why? Because they have fallen in love with something they cannot get anywhere else. Take the story above. I have a story for every product... just as meaningful.

Once you partner with us, every one of your products has your name, store brand, address, and email on it. No more losing customers because you aren't necessarily open 24/7/365.  No more customer comparison or price shopping (because only you carry your product... unless you choose otherwise... ask us about ambassador brands)!

I mean, you have to fill your store with something. Why not fill it with YOU?

Stop making money for other brands. Make it for yourself!

Private Labeling is easy, fun, convenient, and INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE. Not because the ingredients aren't as good as national brands. They're much better. Packaging? You're only limited by your imagination. Fragrances? Essential Oils? All Natural Flavors? We mix and sell commercial blockbusters, as well as extremely eclectic single runs!

We've been around as long as we have because: 
we're always on the forefront of what's hot, what's not, and what's next.

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