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Fortified with Naturally Occurring Alpha Hydroxy, Hyaluronic, and Glycolic Acids! 

√ Good for All Skin Types        


This 5-Star, Age Defying, Antioxidant, Berrylicious, Cell Renewing, Detoxifying, Exfoliating, Oxygenating Mask is the Fort Knox of youth-renewing ingredients including Bioferment, Botanical Extracts, Enzymatic Fruit Pulps, Illuminating Brighteners, and Healing, Skin-Loving Vitamins and Minerals! Slough away dead and dehydrated skin, combat acne, eczema, psoriasis, dark spots, dark circles, sagging skin, photo-aging and DNA degradation (premature aging), while tightening, toning, lightening, and brightening, all in one easy application!


  • 8 oz High Profile White Jar - White or Black Cap
  • 8 oz Low Profile Clear Jar - White or Black Cap
  • 4 oz High Profile White Jar - White or Black Cap - (Most Popular Container)
  • 4 oz Low Profile Clear Jar - White or Black Cap 
  • 2 oz High Profile White Jar - White or Black Cap
  • 2 oz Low Profile Clear Jar - White or Black Cap
  • 50mL High End Silver & Glass Jar
  • 4 oz Tube
  • 2 oz Tube
  • 128 oz Gallon Pail / Bucket
  • 640 oz (5 Gallon) Pail / Bucket*
  • 55 Gallon Drum*
  • Totes*


  • 128 oz (1 Gallon) Pail / Bucket
  • 640 oz (5 Gallon) Pail / Bucket*
  • 55 Gallon Drum*
  • Totes*

SHIPPING NOTICE: *Mask (in large containers) is sensitive to freezing. During winter months, all orders of 5 gallons or larger will be shipped 3 day air.

Apply generously to face, neck, and decolletage (avoid contact with eyes). Due to the properties of natural Glycolic Acid, your skin may tingle (this is normal). Leave on for 15-30 minutes; can be applied under steam. Remove with warm water. For external use only. Use only as directed. 

Mask has natural fibers. While removing, use circular motions to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. For best results follow with toner, serum, and hydrating, moisturizing creme. 

To optimize product shelf life, products should be stored in a cool (77° or cooler) / dry place with minimal exposure to direct light. Keep lid tightly closed.



Apple Fruit Extract ​

​Apricot Kernal Oil

​Bioferment (Lactobacillus / Lemon Peel Ferment Extract)

Blueberry Fruit / Pulp Extract

Botanical Glycolic Acid

Botanical Hyaluronic Acid


Cranberry Seed Extract

Grapeseed Oil

Hibiscus Fibers

Jojoba Esters

Kaolin Clay

Oregon Grape Extract (Resveratrol)

Organic Aloe

Organic Coconut Fruit Extract

Organic Green Tea Extract

Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Licorice Extract

Organic Orange Peel Extract

Organic Periwinkle Extract

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Squalene from Olive Oil

Sugar Cane Extract

Tamanu Oil

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Naturally Occurring:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid
Amino Acids
Fatty Acids
Salicylic Acid
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6 & B12
Vitamin K

and more...



Private Label Products BLUEBERRY OXYGEN PROBIOTIC MASKI'll admit, I never quite understood the "Apple a Day" saying; especially, once I discovered the power of Blueberries! Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of ALL fruits and vegetables. The main compounds in Mother Nature's mega-berry are natural polyphenols and flavonoids. Polyphenols and flavonoids have been proven to help protect your skin from sun damage (premature photo-aging which can cause everything from wrinkles to skin cancer). Polyphenols can also help reverse certain signs of aging, such as age / sun / liver spots (and, who doesn't want fewer of those?).

Blueberries are chock full of Vitamins B6, C, E, and K. They are also a great, mineral source of Manganese, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Copper. Manganese is a trace mineral needed for your body's enzyme systems. Iron helps minimize dry skin and skin congestion (the build-up of dead skin cells, sweat, impurities, toxins, makeup, and sebum) in the pores. When debris builds up, it gets trapped and can lead to blackheads, white heads, acne, uneven skin texture, and a dry, dull appearance. Calcium is a micronutrient mineral that regulates sebum (skin's natural oil) production, keeps the skin hydrated, and promotes a youthful, healthy glow. Zinc is an antioxidant mineral that rejuvenates skin by regulating new skin cell production and the proper functioning of cell membranes. Copper, by increasing collagen proteins, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Botanical Hyaluronic Acid is produced, naturally, by our bodies, but our ability to produce it declines with age, leading to dryness and fine lines. Botanical Hyaluronic Acid is an all natural polysaccharide sugar molecule that has the amazing ability to attract and hold moisture (up to 1000x its weight!) This gives it the unique ability to make up for lost skin moisture (transdermal moisture loss). 

Glycolic Acid is an exfoliant, consisting of tiny molecules, that allows increased penetration of  ingredients. Glycolic Acid exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal the new, bright layers underneath by acting on the outermost layer of skin. This amazing ingredient also hydrates, plumps, stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, fades hyperpigmentation, brightens, tightens, and smooths complexion, as well as fights acne. A Glycolic Acid treatment is very costly to have professionally done. Now you can utilize the benefits of this highly effective and safe treatment at home.

CoQ10 is a naturally produced coenzyme and one of the body's most, fundamentally-needed antioxidants. Being largely responsible for the energy of skin cells (creation, turnover, collagen production, and damage repair), CoQ10 begins at low levels when we are young, peaks in our late teens, and begins to decline after the age of 20. When your skin ages, all of these processes slow, causing dull and sallow, wrinkled skin. CoQ10's antioxidants are shields your skin can use to combat all the things that contribute to aging skin (such as UV radiation, infrared radiation, and ozone pollution). CoQ10 also reduces sun damage to the DNA of the skins' molecular cells. The Coenzyme works to block "Tyrosinase" that helps prevent overproduction of melanin to fade dark spots and prevent future ones. CoQ10 stimulates elastin and collagen production (reducing fine lines and wrinkles), replenishes healthy skin cells, reduces free radicals, heals damaged cells; and, while eliminating toxins, it also helps remove anything that's irritating your skin. CoQ10 works similarly to Vitamin C, by using the same pathway to neutralize free radicals. Since it naturally occurs in the skin's outer layer, CoQ10 has shown tremendous success at diminishing crow's feet.

Cranberry Seed Oil's antioxidants combat every attack of premature aging! Cranberry is the only oil to contain a perfect ratio of Omega 3-, 6-, and 9-fatty acids. These natural acids  can moisturize, soothe red, dry, and itchy skin, offer real relief for skin disorders (such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis), improve skin's barrier function, and seal in skin moisture while keeping out irritants. Rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids, Cranberries boost collagen production which improves skin's elasticity (youthful bounce back). In turn, renewed collagen production helps the body carry necessary oxygen and nutrients to the skin to keep it firm (pulled taut, not sagging), yet soft and glowing. Cranberry Seed Oil also contains natural acids that treat acne, as well as anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids that possess immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties that prevent UV-induced skin damage. 

Organic Aloe contains 75 active compounds for skin cell health! Aloe is composed of Vitamins A, B12, C, and E, Folic Acid, Minerals, Enzymes, Saponins, Salicylic Acids, Amino Acids, and Choline (to name just a few). Organic Aloe also has naturally occurring Aloin and Aloesin. Aloin and Aloesin are powerful, anti-agers that reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by destroying skin cells' excess melanin (and preventing future formation of excess melanin)! And, this isn't even mentioning the formidable hydration that aloe adds to thirsty skin! As a humectant, Aloe continues to pull moisture into your skin throughout the day (or night).

Kaolin Clay has been used for centuries as a detox treatment to absorb excess oil from the skin, preventing breakouts before they begin. The minerals in Kaolin Clay can remove oils, secretions, and contaminants from the skin. The clay serves as a cleansing and refreshing agent by absorbing impurities and reducing blemishes. Clay can restore skin that's been damaged by frequent breakouts. Regular use helps balance the skin's natural oil production and its reserves. Kaolin is also the perfect ingredient to add "slip," making the product glide on easily. The Kaolin in the Blueberry Oxygen Probiotic Mask exfoliates, cleans out pores, brightens, tightens, and tones (makes pores appear smaller). 

Orange Peel Extract In addition to its mesmerizing aroma, this part of the fruit is abundant in natural AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), which makes it a therapeutic-strength exfoliator, while minimizing the look of wrinkles, age spots, moisture loss, sagging skin, and hyperpigmentation. The type of AHA's in this Extract function as water-binding agents (humectants) that help draw moisture and other good ingredients deeply into the skin. Orange Peel keeps skin from drying out even hours after its use. The Extract strengthens and thickens the outer layer of skin which a). protects the skin's barrier function; b). plumps and smooths fine lines and wrinkles; c). minimizes flakiness and peeling; and, d). boosts protein regeneration, as well as collagen and elastin synthesis (ramping up skin strength to resist stressors). Sweet Orange Extract is also an antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral!

Tamanu Oil is an exotic addition to our Blueberry Oxygen Probiotic Mask. Tamanu has a higher fatty acid content than most other oils, making it especially beneficial for dry and mature skin. Tamanu contains natural Oleic and Linoleic Fatty Acids which give it its powerful moisturizing ability. Tamanu is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil, proactively combating bacteria and acne. Tamanu also stimulates collagen and glycosa-minoglycan (the skin's ability to have a shock absorber) production. It can actually promote cell proliferation (skin regenerating properties) to speed wound healing, as well as reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. Tamanu is full of potent antioxidants, imperative for protecting skin from damaging (and aging) free radicals caused by exposure to environmental factors. Another, important, component of Tamanu is Calophyllolide, a molecule that delivers anti-inflammatory effects similar to hydrocortisone (but, it's all natural)! In addition to what this means in terms of skin healing, this oil is considered invaluable in the fight against psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. Tamanu has also proven to be effective against the bacteria, Petrillo, which is widely associated with acne.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil Sometimes, I think it would be easier to explain what Rosehip Seed Oil can't do, because the list of what it can do reads like a "who's who" of truly remarkable, beauty properties! Rosehip can be used to lighten skin tone, making it particularly beneficial to treat dark age spots / liver spots and hyperpigmentation. Rosehip, simultaneously, improves the complexion and acts as a gentle astringent to absorb excess oil, all while tightening pores and providing deep moisturization. The Vitamin A in Rosehip promotes skin regeneration, improving skin flexibility and permeability. This means that Rosehip Oil can improve skin's texture (actually reducing the appearance of scars). Rosehip helps protect the skin's mantle (your body's last line of defense between you and everything that's not you), fights free radical damage and wrinkles, plumps, brightens, and restores lost elasticity. Its plentiful vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenate skin and help correct under-eye circles. 

Organic Jojoba Oil is loaded with antioxidants (rich in Vitamins A and E), and Omega-6 Fatty Acids that are essential components of the skin's barrier. Jojoba is also a soothing topical treatment that quenches dry, thirsty skin. In addition to its highly capable antioxidants, Jojoba is also antibacterial, making it a champ in the acne arena. Jojoba is also noncomedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores. It actually controls the body's sebum (natural oil) production, overhauling it to protect against acne breakouts and other stressors and dermatological issues. Jojoba is not just for those with slightly oily skin. It's a widely popular moisturizer because it's hypoallergenic. That's a huge deal for loads of people with sensitive skin. Jojoba delays signs of aging by promoting collagen synthesis (the process by which collagen's 3 chains are tightly wound, configuring the skin cell to be able to withstand stress). 

Apricot Kernel Oil Cold-pressed and unrefined, Apricot Kernel Oil contains a high level of natural Gamma Linoleic Acid (or GLA). GLA is an Omega-6 Fatty Acid essential for stimulating skin cell growth and repair. Apricot Kernel enables your skin to maintain its own, healthy, moisture balance. Loaded with Vitamins A and E, this oil smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, and stimulates collagen and cell regeneration to keep skin healthy, strong, and firm. Vitamin A is well documented as an excellent moisturizer that improves the skin's elasticity and restores the integrity of the skin's lipid barrier. Apricot Kernel Oil also protects against toxins and bacteria, lightens unwanted blemishes and dark spots, and balances the skin to create an even glow. Its high level of unsaturated Fatty Acids makes it non-greasy and readily absorbable. Though good for every skin type, Apricot Kernel is widely used in mature- and sensitive-skin formulas. It's deeply moisturizing, soothes itchy, chapped, and sunburned skin, balances oil production, boosts circulation, fights acne, and repairs scarred and blemished skin. An anti-inflammatory, Apricot Oil is also used to soothe skin conditions, such as Eczema. 

Hibiscus Fiber Known as the "botox flower," Hibiscus has natural surfactants that help deeply cleanse skin, but in a mild, soothing way. The fiber acts as a purifier (similar to the micelles in Micellar Water) by attracting and removing excess oil, dirt, bacteria, sweat, and makeup, gently washing them away without drying out the skin. Hibiscus is also a source of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids that helps exfoliate clogged pores and increases moisture and skin plumping for a firmer, more youthful, radiant appearance.

Vitamin C is, perhaps, the most well known antioxidant in the world, and absolutely necessary for the growth, development, maintenance, and repair of all body tissues (including skin cells). Years of research have proven that Vitamin C is not made in the human body and must come from diet and / or its topical application. More recent studies, however, have shown that even a diet rich in Vitamin C is not enough to sustain youthful skin. Because ingested Vitamin C is digested and topical Vitamin C is absorbed, today's preferred method is topical application with the proper type of Vitamin Ca delivery system that ensures the proper level of skin absorption. From the formation of collagen (the protein building block of skin cells) to the proper functioning of the skin's immune system, Vitamin C is vital. Topical Vitamin C helps stop skin's natural moisture loss, revives dull skin, plumps, tightens, and tones, reduces under-eye circles, redness, hyperpigmentation and age spots, and even helps with relieving skin stress. Vitamin C is necessary for proper skin nutrition. It strengthen's the skin's blood vessels, protects the skin's proteins, and offers the skin cellular support, and structure, making it invaluable in the fight against aging.

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, shown to be effective at reducing UV skin damage. In addition to its ability to nourish and protect skin from free radicals, Vitamin E strengthens the skin's barrier mantle and is also renowned for its power in stopping the all annoying itch. Vitamin E positively affects blood circulation (under the skin), which promotes skin's structural firmness and integrity, as well as oxygen flow for wound healing.

Lime Fruit Extract may be my favorite fruit extract, and for good reason. Lime is an aggressive skin brightener and lightener. It's gentle, but acidic, antibiotic properties inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria (including acne). With the progression of age and the exposure to the suns' rays, melanin can build up and accumulate in your skin, giving rise to dark spots and other signs of aging. Real Lime Extract inhibits melanin production and, thus, age spots, brown spots, liver spots, and hyperpigmentation. Lime is even effective on raised skin spots. This fruit extract is an astringent, which can drastically tighten pores and reduce excess oil production. Lime's natural lactic acid automatically sloughs away dead skin by dissolving the almost glue-like substance (dried sebum) that traps these cells to live cells. Lime also contains antibiotic properties that help protect the skin from infections. It actually rejuvenates the skin while removing toxins (including sweat and body odor). Lime soothes most skin rashes, wards off unwanted inflammation, and is a mild pain reliever.

Organic Green Tea Extract its Mother Nature-derived benefits, are mind boggling. Green Tea is full of naturally occurring catechins that host antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic effects. This Extract also has profound effects on the increase in penetration and absorption of other topical ingredients (improving their utility / use) in this formula! Organic Green Tea is also comprised of 80% polyphenols, another aggressive warrior in the fight against skin cancer, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. The antioxidant EGCG, abundant in Green Tea, even has the ability to rejuvenate dying skin cells! By protecting and repairing cells, this antioxidant can combat nearly every sign of premature aging. The vitamins in Green Tea, especially, Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin), can also keep your skin looking more youthful. Vitamin B-2 has the ability to maintain collagen levels, which can improve the firmness of your skin. Green Tea Extract also controls acne-causing bacteria and reduces rough skin texture (re-texturizing it, beautifully).

Apple Fruit Extract in skin care? You better believe it! Apple Fruit Extract is precisely extracted to hold the integrity and bioavailability of all its wonderfully, age-defying characteristics. Loaded with naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Malic Acid being the most abundant), Apple Extract is the motherlode of natural exfoliants. The natural acids in Apples break up the proteins that hold skin cells together, causing dead skin cells to shed quickly, gently, and effectively. Apple's natural carbohydrates make skin cells like sponges, reducing the amount of skin's water loss, causing it to soak up and retain every drop of daily moisture. Apple Fruit Extract is noncomedogenic (won't clog pores). It has holistic, natural tightening properties that can help make aging skin look firmer (less saggy). From antioxidants, polyphenols, and catechins, to large amounts of skin immunity boosting Vitamins C and E, Apple Extract is on the forefront of science research for anti-aging and skin-smoothing treatments. 

Organic Licorice Extract In the quest for flawless skin, few things are as problematic as dark spots. Be they from sun damage, hormonal conditions such as melasma, or a leftover reminder of acne past, nothing mars complexion perfection as much as uneven discoloration. When it comes to fading spots, hydroquinone (bleaching) is the oft-recommended derma favorite; but, there are numerous drawbacks to it as a highly potent (and potentially caustic) ingredient, which is why we formulate with a natural alternative (and worthy opponent). Organic Licorice Extract inhibits the production of the enzyme needed to produce melanin (pigment). Licorice significantly brightens skin, too. It contains Liquiritin, an active compound that helps to disperse and remove existing melanin in the skin. Licorice is gaining world-traction attention for its spot-fading, skin tone-evening results. Licorice is also completely safe to use by pregnant and lactating women who don't want to wait in the war against discoloration from many sources.

Oregon Grape Extract Topically, Oregon Grape Extract is an "ahhh" moment for skin. This Superfood Extract combats redness, itching, irritation, and infection. It helps prevent Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis. Oregon Grape Root is a potent antibacterial and antifungal that can help soothe skin's bacterial infections, and help reduce and prevent acne. You might be surprised to find out that Oregon Grape Extract does not come from a fruit. It's technically classified as a flowering herb. Nevertheless, it's a tall "glass of Vitamin C. The Resveratrol in Grape Extract has long been hailed for its ability to reduce the effects of aging in skin. As we age, we lose our natural collagen and elastin (causing natural thinning of the skin). Resveratrol has a two-fold effect, neutralizing free radicals and boosting antioxidant levels, so that skin cells can better defend and repair themselves (specially from environmental damage and redness from inflammation).

Lactobacillus / Lemon Peel Ferment Extract (Bioferment Probiotic) 
Traditionally sourced for their Vitamin C content, Lemons have been used as a natural remedy for ailments ranging from scurvy to sunburn. Given their relatively high acid content and potent antioxidant properties, it's no wonder this "wonder" fruit is now promoted as a natural means to seriously even skin tone. Lemon Peel Extract is a natural and effective alternative to hydroquinone (bleach) for inhibiting Tyrosinase production (the melanin overreach that creates dark spots and hyperpigmentation). It's also a sought after treatment, at high-end med spas, for unsightly dark circles under the eyes. For this formula, we took a biofermentation approach, where Lemons are macerated and incubated with Lactobacillus Lactis. This fermentation process enhances the Anti-Tyrosinase activity of the Lemon Peel (as well as its many, unique antioxidant properties). As this fermented Extract works, it leaves behind noticeably brighter and more luminescent skin. This formula ingredient is skin's "perfect" toner.

Squalane from Olive Oil Want baby soft skin? Olive Squalane is an excellent, natural moisturizer that smoothes and softens skin. Similar to the skin's natural oil (sebum), it easily penetrates skin, making it a great carrier (delivery system) for other ingredients. Squalane enhances skin's elasticity and slows down transepidermal moisture loss, boosting skin's moisture and making the complexion look radiant, plump, and nourished. 

Sugar Cane Extract is a major powerhouse of natural Lactic- and Glycolic-Acids. Sugar Cane is also full of flavonoids that helps skin more safely absorb UV radiation. Sugar Cane is an antiseptic exfoliant and is rich in phytonutrients. Phytonutrients protect the skin against harmful internal and external agents and help in the remediation of skin disorders. 

Organic Periwinkle Extract 
is a major skin brightening agent and is effective against eczema and rosacea. Periwinkle deeply moisturizes, nourishes skin cells, enhances skin's firmness and elasticity, and actively combats acne and pimples. Periwinkle is also renown for giving skin a, traffic-stopping glow!

Jojoba Esters provide the mask elegant glide and soft texture. Jojoba has highly effective emollient, softening, moisturizing, and conditioning properties. Among ingredient choices with similar benefits, Jojoba Esters are beyond comparison in terms of efficacy and results.

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