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 Q: "Why do you use multiple ingredients in a formula that "seem to do the same thing?"


A: It's one of my favorite questions. Everyone's body chemistry is different. What works for me may not work as well for you (and, vice versa). Also, like everything else, too much of a good thing is not necessarily a great thing. For instance: If you eat spinach everyday, you might have a stellar iron count in your hemoglobin, but you would be weak from not getting enough protein. Is spinach fantastic for you? Absolutely! Is it everything you need? Absolutely not! 

Your skin works the same way. Once your body has absorbed its needed amount of Vitamin C (in a certain time period), it may need Magnesium, or DMAE, or Amino Acids, or Probiotics, or (fill in the blank). We formulate a product to approach an issue from every known angle. If it's a beauty product, we want to make sure you get all of the nutrition your skin cells need. We also want to make sure that every product fights free radicals, AND protects the skin mantle, AND is pH balanced, AND is hydrating, AND, AND, AND...

Don't let a little repetition throw you. Maybe your fine lines and wrinkles respond best to Peptides (Mine likes Ceramides).  We put as much ingredient "oomph" in each product as our Naturopathic Chemist tells us is helpful. Once we hit the point (that he calls the Law of Diminishing Returns), our product is complete. Any other additive would only serve to drive up the cost without adding any benefit. So, as you peruse product write-ups, remember, many factors go into ingredient selection: Age, Skin Type, Lifestyle, DNA, Skin & Health Issues, Home Region (arid vs humid, elevated vs sea level), etc. We promise, we have been as thoughtfully proactive as anyone has ever been to give you the best product / ingredient experience possible.
Keep the questions coming. We will answer them here. Thanks!


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