Moroccan Aloe Body Balm / Herbal Salve



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Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Chapped Skin/Lips, Cell Regeneration, Crow's Feet, Deep Hydration, Diabetic Skin, Dry/Cracked Skin, Eczema/Psoriasis, Prevents Moisture Loss, Rosacea, Soothes/Calms Skin, Sunburn, Wound Healing, Wrinkle Buster

It’s early morning at the Analakely Market, in the bustling heart of Madagascar’s capital city. Pascal Falihari and other vendors from the surrounding countryside vie for business as shoppers throng the narrow stalls looking for everything you can imagine (and a few things you can’t). Pineapples and peppercorns are piled high, and the pungent aroma of fresh vanilla wafts through the air.

Pascal comes from a family of small-scale Aloe and Vanilla farmers. It is in Madagascar’s northwest region of Sava where the humid conditions are ideal for him to grow the two crops in close proximity. In areas, like Sava, where Vanilla is treated as gold, savvy farmers know to frame their farms’ periphery with Aloe to hide their most valuable cash crop. The reason we choose this Aloe for our Body Butter is rich (literally). The natural herbs, vitamins and minerals sown into the ground to produce the best Vanilla, produces the best Aloe.

It is from this market that our trader, Tsito Isaacson, gathers a pushcart of fresh Aloe Leaves (Aloe Barbadensis), ices them down and transports them to the airport where they are immediately flown to Morocco to be cold-pressed. Once in Marrakech they are pressed with infused-Wild Sabra Silk Aloe (native to Madagascar). The combination of the vitamin rich Aloe Barbadensis and silky Wild Sabra give your skin a taste of absolute bliss.

Moroccan Aloe Body Butter is skin’s best rapid hydrator. A healing salve (without petroleum or mineral oil), it protects from sun-, wind and salt-burn. Packed with Vitamins A, B and C, as well as, Folic Acid and Carotene, Aloe combats free radicals that lead to premature skin aging; and, its powerful Amino Acids rejuvenate, soothe and help prevent trans-epidermal water loss for a glowing, dewy complexion. Suitable for all skin types including children, babies and those with Rosacea, Aloe Butter is a great emollient. In addition to it's powerful vitamin pack, it includes the skin-nutritional polysaccharides, amino acids, glycosides, minerals, flavones, phytosterols and salicylic acid. Polysaccharides give Moroccan Aloe Body Butter its hydrating emollient and anti-inflammatory benefits and create a protective barrier for the skin. Aloe Butter's large number of Amino Acids offer excellent antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics. Flavones offer further protection from free-radical damage. Phytosterols are anti-inflammatory which calm and soothe itchy, scaly skin and moisturize beyond the outer layer of skin. Glycosides promote healthy cell regeneration and offer antihistaminic (anti-allergen properties).

According to the Mayo Clinic, the Aloe plant exhibits many pharmacological actives beyond the obvious antioxidant, anti-aging and antimicrobial ones: immune boosting, anti tumor, hypolipidemic, wound healing and anti-diabetic properties. Moroccan Aloe Body Butter is safe when applied to the skin to reduce pain or inflammation. It also brings incredible relief for burns, frostbite, Psoriasis and wound healing. If you're looking for one butter that moisturizes, heals, soothes and rejuvenates skin, look know further than Moroccan Aloe Body Butter. 


To Order Call 478.475.0039

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