How Private Label / White Label Works

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Private Label Products brings generations of experience to a customizable, turnkey approach of making all natural and / or organic products. How much do you want your brand to stand out? We know how to disrupt the space and get you noticed; and, in today’s bustling, loud market, that’s the difference between a brand and a boom!

Believe me when I tell you, you want a BOOM!

Vision Statement: What products excite you? Be specific. What audience or audiences are you targeting? Be more specific. Not sure what you want to offer to whom? Let us help you. We believe we understand niches better than anyone else.

Give Us a Call: Even though our catalog is large, don’t let that overwhelm you. We carry a large amount of products to assure you that you can grow in limitless directions without worrying about market over-saturation.

Our Account Execs are knowledgeable and understanding (and did I mention fun?). Whether you just want to explore your options, customize everything, or order samples (you’ll love them), our reps can walk you through the process to make it simple, fun, affordable and, most importantly, profitable.

Choose Samples: We offer over 900 formulations for you to try, ranging from bath, body, beauty, salon (hair & nails), spa, cosmedical (products that target specific issues / ailments), pain, wellness, anti-virals, aromatherapy, home, and pet products made from naturally- derived ingredients (fair trade where possible).

We strongly urge you to sample any / all products, scents, and flavors of interest. Samples are made to order (always fresh) and require 2-4 weeks for manufacture and shipment (depending on size, formula, and holiday season). Most samples are $3.50 for standard sizes (from .5oz to 2oz depending on product); although, you may also order them in full size containers.

For samples of Custom Formulas, call us.

Scents and flavors can vary due to product formulas (example, a scented Sugar Scrub will smell a little sweeter than the same scent in a body butter).

Though we are big on selection, we still do everything the old fashioned way. We were small batch formulators and manufacturers before it was cool. Due to the handmade nature of our products, colors may vary slightly order to order (soaps, shower gels, bubble baths, bath bombs, etc.). This is just the nature of doing things the right way.

Art / Packaging: Whether or not you already have a logo or artwork, or have absolutely no idea what you’d like to name your brand (or products), know we’ve helped thousands of brands around the world from every possible starting point.

Need Help with a Brand or Product Name? We’ve helped create hundreds. Don’t know how you’d like your logo / labels to look? We have an expert, in-house art department.

Whether you need ideas for a simple layout or a completely new product or packaging design (or redesign) – our designers deliver gorgeous, cost-effective options to get you to market quickly.

In-house, we provide 100% water & chemical resistant, white, gloss labels on a 5-color printing process. Alternatively, if needed, we can source digital press, silk screening, and other options (metallic elements, matte finishes, and more).

We offer various types of packaging (containers / caps / closures), per category, depending on your needs (from country chic to high-end). If you’d prefer something else, we can help you source just about any type of container. Already have containers you need filled? We’re here to bring your vision to life!

For finishing touches, we also offer safety seals, SKU printing (label or box), shrink wrap, placement of promo materials, and more.

Order: Place an order with your Account Executive. We have the lowest MOQ’s in the industry (all classic formulas are only 12 per product / container / scent or flavor). Allow 4-8 weeks for new brands and 2-6 weeks for reorders. Need faster turnarounds? We can help you there, too, with our Fresh Shelving Rotation Program.

Shipping / Fulfillment: Are you planning to stock your own products? Have an outside fulfillment warehouse? Want us to blind-ship? Need help with Amazon? Faire? Etsy? Ebay? We offer you cost-effective, reliable and if preferred, insured, parcel to pallet, world-wide shipping with various services including, but not limited to, USPS, Fed Ex, and various DHL Delivery Services.

If special climate-controlled transport is needed during extreme weather conditions, we give you options that will support your products optimal shelf life.


  • Call an Account Executives
  • Order Samples (if desired)
  • Decide on Products, Scents, Flavors, & Packaging
  • Decide Quantity of Each Product in each Scent, Flavor & Container
  • Speak with our Art Department for Logo / Label Designs / Printing
  • Provide Us with Shipping Details
  • Approve Order & Pay Invoice
  • Repeat


In addition to finished products, we also offer Professional and Back Bar (gallon- / barrel- / tote-sizes) for Wholesale / DIY.


Our formulators can work with you to create the perfect product from scratch or completely customize nearly all of our in-house formulas. We have an extensive additives’ list containing well over 100 additives / botanicals (such as Turmeric, Manuka Honey, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and much more) that can be added in many of our products to give you something truly unique.